First Glance: “The Dirt”


One thing is for sure, you can’t say the hard-rocking and hard-living band Motley Crüe hasn’t provided ample real-life material for a successful biopic. That’s what we’re getting with “The Dirt”, yet another intriguing Netflix Original film.

There is certainly cause for concern. The film is directed by Jeff Tremaine known most for his work with the Jackass series. That’s not a good thing. We’ll see how it works out very, very soon. “The Dirt” drops TODAY on Netflix.

Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or giving it a pass.

14 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Dirt”

  1. I have very little interest in seeing this at all . In fact , I always thought they were one of the worst bands ever to make it out of the 80’s hair metal scene . But then I was a Rush and Iron Maiden fan , so what do I know lol .

    • I liked a lot of Crue’s music back in the day but there is no doubt their lives pushed debauchery to new heights. I’ve heard Nikki Sixx say they wanted to really push that in the film so that their fall feels more understandable. That’s a solid approach but that doesn’t mean I really want to watch it on screen.

      • Yeah I have zero interest in most music biopics really . I agree with what Robert Plant said once that in general much that happens behind scenes , the drugs , sex etc.. tends to be over exaggerated or embellished . He said he would never write a memoir because over all it would be quite boring really . Plus I really have zero desire to watch said debauchery at all .

      • I hear ya. I think in their case their history may actually be as wild and depraved as advertised. Not sure how much I want to watch of that even if the overarching message is positive.

  2. I’m not into 80s glam metal though I don’t really consider the Crue a glam metal band as they were a little bit more edgy. I don’t have much interest in seeing the film knowing that it’s not going to be as outrageous as the book and the stories about the Crue that I have heard. I remember sharing some ideas with Alex Withrow a few years back about my take on The Dirt as a film by Martin Scorsese starring Leonardo diCaprio as Nikki Sixx, Michael Fassbender as Tommy Lee, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Mick Mars, Ryan Gosling as Vince Neil, and as Ozzy Osbourne… Robert de Niro. It would be more like The Wolf of Wall Street in some ways as it would include some insane shit such as the time Tommy Lee had to take Ozzy back to his hotel room and Ozzy was like “I need to go to the bathroom” and Tommy is like “we’re going to your room now. It’s cool.”

    On the elevator, Ozzy drops his pants and tries to take a dump and Tommy is like “Ozzy, pull your pants up”. Tommy finally takes Ozzy to his room and then Ozzy shits on the hotel room. Then he grabs one of his turds and Tommy was like “No Ozzy! This is where I draw the fucking line” and Ozzy smears his own shit on the entire hotel room. I doubt that will be shown on The Dirt. I just feel like they’re going to play it too safe. Not to mention that playing Tommy Lee is that no-talent dickwad Machine Gun Kelly.

    • Actually I’ve watched a Nikki Sixx interview where has stated they had turned down a lot offers to make the film because they wanted to play it safe. In fact Sixx said he wanted it to be over the top so that the consequences resonated more. That’s an interesting approach although I really don’t care to see Ozzy’s turd antics. 😉

      • Are you sure? The version for that scene that I had in mind is outrageous and the kicker of that scene is the hotel manager watching in horror as Tommy tearfully tells him “I’m so sorry. I know I’m a rock star but even I have my limits”. Playing the hotel manager is… the real Ozzy Osbourne who goes “what the fuck is this? Did I really do this?”

  3. So I watched this last night and it was… watchable. It didn’t touch the book. The whole thing is sort of a bit glossed over. I think a series probably would have given it the room to breathe that it needed.

  4. Awesome movie. Do wish it ran a little bit longer and showcased a little more of their lives, but I’d put it right below Bohemian Rhapsody in terms of what the better movie is, though I enjoyed The Dirt more.

    • It seemed like it only touched on many of the events in their lives and careers. I never dug too deep into anything. I thought the performances were pretty strong.

      • It seemed to have a lot of deeper moments in it. Nicky getting introduced to heroin is one that sticks out to me.

      • You’re right. What I mean is it touches on that moment but doesn’t stay there very long. It seems to move from moment to moment really fast.

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