First Glance: “Gemini Man”


I’m sure the mere mention of a new Ang Lee film starring Will Smith is enough to stoke the excitement of many movie lovers. Personally I’ve always found both Lee and Smith to be pretty hit-or-miss. But while the premise of “Gemini Man” may seem a little familiar on the surface, the first trailer gives just enough to at least tickle my interest.

From what I understand Smith plays an assassin looking to get out of the business. But retirement proves to be difficult when a visibly younger clone of himself shows up and throws a wrench in things. The trailer shows off a pretty interesting supporting cast of characters including Clive Owen and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Both the action and the setting look cool and the science fiction element has real potential.

“Gemini Man” doesn’t hit theaters until October 11th but you can check out the trailer below. Give it a look and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or giving it a pass.

16 thoughts on “First Glance: “Gemini Man”

      • I do like Will Smith when he’s given a good role, he makes the most of it. Thought he did I am Legend really well, I also am one of the few people, hmm thinking about it, I’m probably the only one! 🙂 who really enjoyed Suicide Squad without gnashing my teeth! He does knows how to have fun in his work!

      • I’m can’t quite get onboard with ya on Suicide Squad 😁. He is an actor with a ton of charisma. This could be pretty good material for him (both young and old Will).

  1. It kind of looks like a Michael Mann film in some ways yet I could go for it. I just hope it’s better than Ang Lee’s last film Billy Lynn Halftime Walk. That movie sucked! I love Ang Lee but man, that movie sucked ass!

    • I didn’t care for Billy Lynn either. Not sure what it is about Lee but he still hasn’t won me over. But I like the Mann connection. That could work.

  2. Hi Keith. Not sure if you remember me from WriterLovesMovies blog – I’m returning to blogging this week after a few years break! This one is definitely on my watch list. Ang Lee has done some amazing things with technology in the past so this one has the potential to be great.

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