First Glance: “We Have Always Lived in a Castle”


I can’t say I’m all that familiar with author Shirley Jackson’s work but her final novel is now being adapted to the big screen. The trailer for “We Have Always Lived in a Castle” has dropped with an intriguing premise and starring two impressive young actresses, Taissa Farmiga and Alexandra Daddario.

The film looks to be a rather twisted thriller set mostly in an remote family estate in New England. The Blackwood family has been stricken with tragedy and there is no shortage of talk coming from the judgmental local townsfolk. But their isolation is threatened when a peculiar cousin (Sebastian Stan) pops up. Let’s just say weird stuff ensues.

I like the vibe it gives off and the tone is both eerie and a bit off-kilter. It looks promising. “We Have Always Lived in a Castle” opens May 17th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or giving it a pass.

22 thoughts on “First Glance: “We Have Always Lived in a Castle”

      • She wrote The Lottery. It’s one of the best short stories you’ll ever read. It’s a brutal satire and a really thought provoking piece. Wrote some really good gothic stuff too. I’ve been waiting for this to come out a while.

      • I’ve been waiting a while for that. Next up is The Night Circus. Loved that book! What’s the last non sequel/franchise film you really looked forward to?

      • Oh there are several just this year. I can’t wait for the new films from Jarmusch, the Dardenne brothers, Linklater, etc. And I do love all of Christopher Nolan’s original films and we have one of those next year!

  1. Looks very interesting. I just finished reading an anthology of Shirley Jackson’s short stories including aforementioned The Lottery. Her work is very subtle and gets under the skin quietly and forcefully. One could argue the work is too ambiguous for people who like big scares and monsters but if you’re patient you do get rewarded. The recent Netflix adaptation of The Haunting of Hill House was very good too; that opened up her classic novel with a fine family tale of ghosts of scary set-pieces.

    • Personally I love the sound of that. Hopefully the movie will stay true to that and not feel the need to incorporate a more traditional approach.

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