Spoiler Alert: 10 Thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame”


I think it’s safe to say “Avengers: Endgame” is officially a global phenomenon. With a $1.2 billion opening the movie has shattered more records than I could possibly list. It turned out to be a fitting and incredibly satisfying final chapter to a decade-long MCU adventure.

A movie of its enormous size and scope certainly has given fans a ton to think about and discuss. Monday I posted my spoiler-free review praising the film as a major cinematic accomplishment while criticizing its handling of some pretty major characters. But now I’ve seen it a second time and some of my earlier issues aren’t as big now while others still stand out. 


So how about some SPOILER TALK. It’s where I make 10 observations about some of the film’s biggest shocks and surprises.


1. Where the heck is Mjolnir? Cap took it with him when returning the Infinity Stones. I think the assumption is he made a quick stop in Asgard to return it. You would think they might mention that though. I would like to think the Thor from the past is still roaming around Asgard looking for his hammer? If so I bet he’s blaming Loki.

2. Speaking of Loki, where did the god of mischief disappear to? Him taking off through time is an absolutely brilliant twist and probably sets up his upcoming Disney streaming service television series. More Loki, more Hiddleston…I’m in!

3. Nick Fury only gets one scene in the entire film? A five second shot with no dialogue and no interaction with other characters. This is the guy who put together the Avengers. He was the glue and often the brains. It was Fury who first went to Tony Stark in the 2008 “Iron Man” film. He also worked side-by-side for so long with Black Widow. I know there have been some tension between Nick and some Avengers, but I can’t help feeling he deserved a bigger moment.

4. Of all the people to shoot into space to get the Soul Stone from Vormir they send the two with no super powers, power armor, etc. out of the group. Really? Doesn’t seem like the smartest decision to me. Obviously it’s needed for storytelling reasons but in terms of common sense, not so much. With all of those great minds no one thought about that?

5. It’s been interesting to see how many interpret the ‘Fat Thor’ gag. While I was initially really put off by it, a second viewing made it a little easier to digest. Still he feels terribly inconsistent. Many have defended it a serious representation of depression. I could buy that if he wasn’t also a punchline in numerous scenes. The film wants us to sympathize with him in one scene only to poke fun at him, his weight, his appearance, his alcoholism the next. A deeper look at depression would have been fascinating, but apparently the “Ragnarok” allure was too strong.

6. What the heck were those lazy men doing during that big ‘women of the MCU’ moment? Now before you jump down my throat, I do think it’s a cool scene featuring female characters some of which are among my very favorites in the MCU. But it was pretty on-the-nose. Even my daughter asked “Did all the guys just take a break?”

7. So I guess killing your past self doesn’t wipe out your future self? That sure wasn’t the case for Nebula but you would think it would be. This time travel stuff is fun but so confusing.

8. So Bruce Banner has figured out how to coexist with Hulk. And how do we find out? Do we get to see this major character development? Nope. Instead it’s relayed through a couple of lines of dialogue. I wanted HULK. In “Endgame” (aside from one big scene) he’s basically reserved for quoting scientific equations and holding up debris in the final battle. The ONLY possible way any of it works for me is if this is the end of his story arc. But even then he should have had more impact in the finale.

9. At the very end did you notice how the time machine didn’t pull Steve back on the platform? Instead he was sitting on a bench by the lake. Probably want to get that fixed. Wouldn’t want to drop people off at some truly terrible location – the middle of New York City traffic, on a train track, at a Justin Bieber concert. Jokes aside, it didn’t actually pull him back at all though, right?

10. Before Cap takes off through time it’s clear to me that he told Bucky he would be staying with Peggy. Watching a second time made it crystal clear. The exchange between Bucky and Steve was telling but watching his reactions when Cap didn’t reappear drove it home. Bucky knew and its great that the long-time friends shared such a special moment like that even if it was off camera.

20 thoughts on “Spoiler Alert: 10 Thoughts on “Avengers: Endgame”

  1. The reason Cap didn’t return immediately was that he most likely broke the time travel device on purpose so he could have a second chance with Peggy. You’re also dealing with MULTIPLE timelines, so if one character is killed in one, they’re not necessarily going to die in the main one. The film’s approach to time travel and affecting the future is actually a very interesting one, even it isn’t always well-thought out.

    • Actually I don’t think he broke it. Banner makes some comment about him skipping his time stamp (something like that). I think he found Peggy and stayed which is the PERFECT ending! As a huge Cap fan my heart melted with that final scene.

  2. The time travel concept is unbelievably messy. Every time something happened in the movie that didn’t really make sense I just told myself to look right past it and enjoy everything else going on LOL

    This was such a huge moment in cinema and while it wasn’t perfect, it sure was a lot of fun. Feels very bittersweet, but I know we haven’t seen the last of Marvel by a longshot.

    • Very bittersweet especially knowing that’s it for several of these characters. It’ll be interesting to see if Marvel can stoke up the same level of excitement with a new set of heroes.

  3. 1. I think Cap returned it to Asgard and said hi to Thor’s mom along the way.

    2. Considering that the space stone was possibly returned to 1970 and we last saw Loki bored in his cell. I would say that is dead unless there’s an alternate timeline Loki lurking around and Thor will find and hug him.

    3. I didn’t mind five seconds of Fury though I too would’ve loved more as maybe him talking with Danvers and such while eating some food and singing soul classics.

    4. Considering how one has to get the soul stone. I don’t think anyone is aware of what to do or Nebula forgot to tell them how to get the soul stone. Still as crushing it was into what happened to Black Widow, it at least showed Clint Barton that he has to complete the mission so he can get back his family. Maybe through Cap’s travels back, he killed the Red Skull (to finish the job) and got Nat back.

    5. I had no problem with it as I’m sure the Russos and the screenwriters got some input from Taika Waititi in how to approach the Thor character. Throughout the entirety of Thor’s arc, he’s often get through his pain through laughter or to fighting. Since he failed over Thanos, he’s coping it with the best way he can think of which is to get shit-faced. Can I just say that Rene Russo’s appearance in the film is just a great scene? As underutilized as she was for her work in the MCU, that scene of her with Thor I think features some of her best work.

    6. I know people had a lot of gripes of the women of the MCU coming together and kicking ass but I just see it as some cool moment where we all know the guys are probably fighting as I think the Russos and the writers just wanted to have that one moment of fan service considering that we’re living in inclusive times. Still, I think it’s just a minor issue as I’m just glad that a franchise at least care about its women characters and give a certain demographic a moment for them to go “AW YEAH!!!!”

    7. You got a point about that although I think more plays into Nebula’s own development as someone who was a loyal killer to Thanos despite the abuse she suffered only to realize how much she truly cared about Gamora and the Guardians. The present Nebula vs. the 2014 Nebula is more to do with the present Nebula needing to destroy her old self in order to establish a deeper bond with Gamora in the future. Yeah, the time travel thing is messy but I’m sure the characters knew that it was going to be messy.

    8. Banner did talk about it in that first scene as I think it made sense considering that Hulk never got his revenge on Thanos and neither did Banner. Both of them are pissed off and can’t do anything about it so I think it was logical for the two to merge as one. It gives both of them a sense of peace and acceptance towards one another while it allow Banner to be more of an idiot but a fun one.

    9. I think once Rogers completed his mission, he knew that he didn’t want to return to the present but rather retain everything he endured and get that chance to live his life and pass the torch when he’s older.

    10. I think Bucky definitely knew that Steve had lost that simple wish to just dance with Peggy and through time travel. Steve would get that chance. Honestly, could you think of a much perfect ending than Steve and Peggy having their dance? It’s up there with “Baby, you’re gonna miss that plane”, “I know”.

    • Love reading your thoughts. Here are just a few replies:

      1. Wouldn’t you love to hear the conversation between Cap and Thor’s mom! I would pay to see it!


      3.It’s certainly a minor gripe, but I would love for the guy who put all of this together to at least have one moment to say something about the two earliest Avengers who just died. Still, small potatoes.

      4. Great point. It absolutely inspired Barton to push harder to succeed. During my second viewing I teared up again during that entire sequence.

      5. YES! Russo was superb. It’s such a small scene but it is soaked with emotion and truth. So good.

      6. VERY minor issue. To be honest it didn’t bother me one bit. It’s just kind of funny how obvious it was.

      7. I’m OK with messy explanations of time travel mainly because it’s always going to be over our heads. It’s nothing even remotely possible so why should we be able to understand it? LOL

      10. The very best ending possible! My favorite avenger going all the way back to the comics. My favorite Marvel hero going all the way back to the comics. And he gets this beautiful moment to end the movie. It was so perfect.

  4. The MCU is a crazy ambitious project. I think Endgame did the best possible tribute it could. I find the time travel plot insanely well-handled, considering its intricacies and the unknowns of the science. And if Loki somehow could come back as a result, I wouldn’t complain!

    I also really loved seeing the MCU super-heroines together. The fact that one single shot of the women caused so much controversy, is why we need more. Any other men-led battles wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow.

    And you made a totally valid point on Nick Fury. I was surprised he didn’t get more to do in the last act. Three hours clearly wasn’t enough. 😉

    • I honestly don’t think the all-women shot was as controversial as a bunch of insecure social-media whiners made it seem. I think most people are fine with it. But even for a pocket of out-of-touch BOYS to be upset is just dopey. Again, I thought is was cool but kinda funny considering how obvious it was. My daughter’s reaction was hilarious. 😂

  5. Hey Keith! I’m glad you have this post! I was so tempted to do a full-spoiler-ahead review but couldn’t exactly do that if I were gonna post on Rotten Tomatoes and I had seen it earlier than most people did. In any case, I can’t wait to see this again!! Funny about your #1 point, my hubby was just asking about it a few days after, ‘Where the heck is Mjolnir?’ and the whole Captain America thing is most baffling (despite me feeling happy that Cap finally reunites with Peggy), but what you said here made me want to see Endgame even more. Well that explains the speed it gets to 2 BILLION dollars, I mean everyone probably went to see it again this weekend to get some of the stuff they missed. There were just SO much packed even in a 3-hour movie!

    • I just adore the Cap ending. He has been my favorite Marvel hero since I was a kid (and well before the MCU). It’s so sad for me to see Steve Rogers’ storyline concluded but I can’t imagine a better way for them to have done it. I absolutely love that he was able to have a life with Peggy. Soooo good!

    • Not really nitpicks for me (with a couple of exceptions). The ‘Fat Thor’ thing still doesn’t land for me and I still think Hulk deserves more than some off-screen resolution to his storyline. The other things are just fun to think about.

      • Fair enough; I wrote that comment JUST after watching it, so I was still on an emotional high. Fat Thor got annoying a couple of times, but I wasn’t too bothered by him; and I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but I’ve never been the biggest Hulk fan.

      • It’s interesting because I never got the feeling that the MCU knew what to do with Hulk. I think that’s one reason his story kind of ended off screen.

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