THE THROWDOWN : Star Wars vs. Star Trek


Just what is The Throwdown you ask? It’s a feature I ran for a while that had a lot of fun interaction. We take two movie subjects and pit them against each other and see who’s left standing. It could be actors, actresses, movies, genres, scenes, and so much more. You play a big part in this. You get to vote and determine who comes out on top. I’ll share my take and then open up the polls to you. Vote to decide the true winner!

In keeping with my week-long Star Wars theme what better Throwdown to have than between two quintessential science-fiction franchises. Both are etched into the culture and have left their marks on generations of followers. They each possess huge, devoted fan bases that are passionate and more than willing to both praise and scrutinize every new piece of content that comes out. So which is the better sci-fi franchise, Star Wars or Star Trek? Just like before you make the final decision. Vote now and defend your favorite. It’s up to you!

Star Wars vs. Star Trek


While both Star Wars and Star Trek are staples in the science-fiction world, they are really quite different in both scope and ambition. Star Trek has mostly kept close to its television roots (with the exception of the fairly controversial “Nemesis” and the newer reboot movies). It is intensely character focused with strong emphasis on exploration, peacekeeping, meeting new species, and of course boldly going where no man has gone before. I’m not saying Star Trek is all talk and action-free. It certainly has some memorable action-fueled moments. But Star Trek at its purest has stuck to what has made it unique.

Star Wars is a much different animal. It has often been called a ‘space opera’ and that’s pretty accurate. It’s vast, sprawling and often known for its ground-breaking effects and big action. But it is also deeply rooted in its lore which expands through the movies, animated series, video games, comics, and novels. For me Star Wars will always be my favorite due to the depth and vibrancy of its universe, the iconic personalities of its key characters, and its stunning sci-fi action. From it’s old-school movie serial influence to it’s ever-growing canon of people and places, I’ll always be captivated by the immersive George Lucas creation.

Now it’s up to you. Which science-fiction franchise is your favorite? Which franchise are you more drawn to? Vote below and see which one comes out on top.


37 thoughts on “THE THROWDOWN : Star Wars vs. Star Trek

  1. I’m a huge Star Trek guy . Although I do like Star Wars , the original Trek with Kirk ,Spock and McCoy are so good . Then the expanded universe with Next Gen , DS9 ( which is my fav Trek period ) , Voyager , Enterprise and the new series , I’m much more invested overall in these characters than in Star Wars .
    The movies are hit and miss and I’m not a huge fan of the reboot movies , although I really liked Beyond , Trek will always be a bit higher than Star Wars .

    • I always kinda liked Star Trek growing up but it was The Next Generation that really drew me in. I too loved DS9. But I kinda fell off after it (unlike with Star Wars).

      Oh, did you see the new trailer for “Picard”?

      • Yes, I have. It looks very interesting and it will be fun to watch and find out why he left his post as the teaser hinted at .Looking forward to it.

      • I’m bummed it’s behind a subscription wall. At some point I have to stop adding subs. That one show isn’t enough for me especially with Disney+ on the horizon.

  2. I grew up on both Star Wars AND Star Trek, so having a foot in both universes is a good thing. When I was younger, I leaned more towards Star Wars, but as an adult, I tend to gravitate towards Star Trek. I think Star Trek has a lot more to say about the human condition and our potential than Star Wars ever could. To me, that makes for a far more compelling experience these days. That being said, I won’t turn down an epic lightsaber duel.

    • I understand where your coming from. In fact that’s what I like so much about Star Trek. For me it’s the breadth and scope of SW that I love. The depth of its ever-growing lore and the space epic feel really sucks me in. I’m such a SW geek! 😂

  3. Star Wars is more tragic, so more involving. but I really liked the Star Trek tv series. Of the movies, even First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis were entertaining. Off course the ones before it too.

    • I love that observation. SW is definitely more tragic. Plus I just adore its broad and growing universe. I’m so invested. For me Star Trek really hit home with The Next Generation. I still love that cast and series.

  4. I love Star Trek. I love The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine (my favourite), Voyager, and all the movies excluding those from 2009 onwards (I know some are bad, like Star Trek V and Insurrection….). On the contrary, I only enjoy watching the old Star Wars trilogy (and I don’t like much the third one, episode VI).

    So… Star Trek!!!

    • Star Trek is having a good showing. I do really like it but it just doesn’t have the longevity with me. It’s not something I constantly come back to like SW. still, it’s good to like them both.

  5. I’m going to go with Star Trek as I think they have more better films than Star Wars though let’s all agree that both franchises have made some bad movies.

    I don’t want to create anymore conflict between fans of Star Trek and Star Wars, they should band together and go after the Young Adult franchises. And here are some rules. Don’t call Han Solo a bitch and don’t say that Han Solo is cooler than Captain Kirk.

  6. I left a comment on the poll page and it’s been flagged as Spam!!! I voted for Star Trek, not sure if it went through. I just loved the Captain Jean Luc Picard series, and am excited about the new series all about him that CBS are making!

  7. I’m not a fan of either but I guess I will go with Star Wars, since it has Harrison Ford and Oscar Isaac and Star Trek killed Hemsworth after few minutes :/

  8. This was actually a surprisingly tough choice for me as I was never really a big fan of either until fairly recently. In the end, I went with Star Trek predominantly due to the brilliant ‘Discovery’ series and the Star Wars fans (in my opinion) unwarranted backlash to both Last Jedi and Solo.

  9. For me it’s Star Trek by a country mile. I grew up watching Captain Jean-Luc Picard take the Enterprise across the galaxy. The thing I liked most were the complex issues they dealt with, such as morality and the meaning of life. I’ve seen the Star Wars movies and they are fun but sorry, it’s Star Trek for me!

    “Data, you spoil the joke. It could have been your timing”.
    Data responds, “My timing is digital”.

    • It’s funny, that’s the same reason it’s Star Wars for me. I grew up with the original trilogy and such a deep love for the characters and cast world. I didn’t have any real connection with Trek until I caught up with TNG. I truly love that era of Trek (I like DS9 as well). But the rest of the Star Trek universe has never really resonated with me. Deeply respect it though.

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