First Glance: “Terminator: Dark Fate”

It seems the Terminator franchise is harder to kill than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s cyborg killing machine himself. I mean the pretty terrible “Terminator: Genisys” couldn’t even put the series down. And now the trailer for the sixth Terminator film has landed and lets just say it hasn’t exactly eased my skepticism.

After watching it something doesn’t feel quite right. Aside from crappy title, it’s hard to get too excited about what we see. Obviously the big plus is the return of Linda Hamilton and a token glimpse of Arnie, but the rest feels pretty familiar. The new model terminators show off a couple of fresh features but they also borrow from things we have seen before. It all left me kind of cold. There is still potential there but hopefully the second trailer will do me to raise my excitement level.

“Terminator: Dark Fate” hits theaters November 1st. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or giving it a pass.

25 thoughts on “First Glance: “Terminator: Dark Fate”

  1. I commented on another blog about this film and was saying how the cast are knocking on a bit and will need Zimmer frames soon. But all joking aside, I think they are abit old to be chasing after cyborgs. What do you think?🤔

  2. I love how Arnold himself posted that trailer on reddit and they were afraid to say anything bad about it lol Good ploy considering how lame it looks

  3. There comes a time when any franchise needs to put down and terminated . This is one that should have long ago . The first 2 are amazing movies and even the 3rd one I can enjoy and at least is connected to the first 2 but not a fan of Salvation and lets forget about the last one completely .
    So after watching this trailer a few times I stand by my assessment , this franchise needs termination . If this is a direct continuation after the 2nd movie but in the future and we are to forget all the others , why no John Conner. I have my theories on why it will be revealed he has been killed and replaced but I’ll leave that one alone for now . Don’t want to stir a hornets nest yet.
    I chuckled to be honest when you see Hamilton jump out of the truck with guns a blazing . Then you have the new terminators , lame . Then you have the glimpse of the Arnold. He should have fought for a King Conan pic , thats something I could get behind,
    Over all just really blah . I don’t even have any desire to see this at all . I’ll stick to the first 2 and leave it at that . Sometimes studios need to know when to stop . The best stories have an end . I know for me , I wont be coming back for this .

    • Great comments. I’m trying to be optimistic but this trailer doesn’t leave much room for that. I agree the first two are the best. And like you I can find some fun in the third one too. Where I differ from many is that I actually enjoyed Salvation but it doesn’t connect with the others as strongly as it should.

  4. I’ll probably see this on pay per view. the Terminator franchise is really stretching it out. Am not sure if they have any fresh ideas left. Salvation was in a very difficult position and the strain showed onscreen. after Salvation, it was hard to be completely positive about upcoming Terminator films.

  5. I wasn’t sure about the franchise myself since everything after Terminator 2 hasn’t been good while I only saw bits of the last film and was like “eh…” as I felt maybe the franchise should be dead. Then I saw this trailer and with Linda Hamilton returning as Sarah Conner, an appearance from Ahnold, and Mackenzie Davis as the good Terminator… I might be on board for this.

    • Those new things should excite me but the trailer framed them so poorly. They all felt flat to me. Maybe a second trailer will add a spark.

  6. My big question about this movie….is there anymore material (good ones) left for this franchise. I mean Rise of the Machine took us to the starting point of the Skynet taking over, Salvation showed the future, and Genisys showed an alternative timeline. Is there anymore that can be done?

  7. Man, I just don’t know. The only selling points for me are Linda Hamilton and Mackenzie Davis. All deference to Schwarzenegger, but these movies bomb and complicate the series timeline yet he’s always in them as if everything’s fine???

    Just looking at the trailer though, the song choice is terrible. Did they really not wanna work in the original Terminator theme? The visuals however look superior to Genisys, though that might not be saying much. A solid 2nd trailer can easily fix all this so hopefully the next peek will be better?

    • Fingers crossed for that second trailer. They need it to be good. Great observation about the Terminator theme. That’s definitely a misfire.

  8. Guess I’m in a minority of one 🤣 I’ll be seeing this. Linda Hamilton looks fit as f*** you ageist lot. This is a sequel to 1&2 so we can disregard the others, James Cameron wrote it so yes, more of the good stuff I think! Y’all too picky. 🤣

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