First Glance: “Angel Has Fallen”


Ooooh Boy! First Olympus fell. Then London fell. So what has fallen next? Gerry Butler himself. Yes he is back as Mike Banning, the secret service superman who spits out as many one-liners as he does bullets.

“Olympus Has Fallen” was a fun tongue-in-cheek throwback to the 80’s action genre. “London Has Fallen” was a lame, sloppy, ill-advised sequel. At first glance “Angel Has Fallen” looks more like the second film. The trailer shows Banning (somehow) framed for an assassination attempt on the president. Of course no one can hold Gerry down . He escapes law enforcement and sets out to find who set him up.

Look for lots of bullets, lots of blood, and tons of cheese. But knowing Butler’s track record, don’t expect much more than that. The film drops August 23rd. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or giving it a pass.

14 thoughts on “First Glance: “Angel Has Fallen”

      • There’s nothing “racist” or “xenophobic” about them.
        (The claim that London Has Fallen is racist or xenophobic is especially silly, as if it weren’t mentioned in the film that the terrorists were Middle Eastern – which is REALISM, not racism – you wouldn’t know they were anything other than normal Brits. It’s not racism.)

      • Nothing racist about the movie. Lol. You might have to explain to me the line “go back to Fuckheadistan, or wherever it is you’re from” that Gerard Butler gets to yell after beating the bloody pulp out of an assailant, just one of many in which its a one-sided beatdown where the swaggering American comes out on top, and with all the aplomb of Islamaphobic, Trump-voting American redneck who doesn’t really give a shit about differentiating between Middle Eastern territories. This is straight up a fear-mongering, manipulative piece of excrement that takes great pleasure in being overly violent. It doesn’t matter it’s made by an Iranian-born director, in fact that in some ways makes it worse. Smacks of self-loathing.

  1. Keith, my friend. This movie isn’t even worthy of your At First Glance feature. Haha!

    In a morbid way, I guess it is worth it in a rubberneck-at-the-car-wreck way. But I hated London Has Fallen so much I refuse to watch any Gerard Butler movies from here to eternity. The dude makes acting look very, very hard. And LHF makes action movies look even dopier.

    • HA!!! You’re right, LHF was atrocious. I liked Olympus in a weird action throwback sort of way. London was terrible on nearly every level. This doesn’t look too great either.

  2. Ah Gerard and his….choices 😛 I never saw either of those flicks but I’m guessing they must be successful since they keep making them

    • The first one of these things was pretty fun. The second one was really bad. This one looks a little more like the second than the first.

  3. I’ve enjoyed the first two movies for what they are. Are they going to win any awards or make you think Die Hard was a waste of time, of course not. I will agree the first one is better than the London Has Fallen, but I still enjoyed it enough that I will be seeing Angel Has Fallen in theaters. I enjoy going to theater a few times out of each year to just be entertained with an over the top action movie that will hopefully let me escape life for two hours. I have no illusions that AHF will be a top 5 movie of 2019 or be lifted among the great action movies of all time and that’s okay.

    • Yep, I always have room for these kinds of movies. I just really didn’t care for London. But if this one falls closer to Olympus then I’m onboard.

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