First Glance: “Charlie’s Angels”


Add this one to the ever-growing list of Hollywood reboots/remakes that no one asked for. I certainly never expected to see “Charlie’s Angels” back on the big screen following the two ridiculously bad movies from the early 2000s. Yet here we are with a new cast, new director, but (judging from the first trailer) much of the same cringy silliness as before.

The cast is a bit surprising but does seem to fit with the film’s obvious desire for diversity. Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, and Ella Balinska play the ‘Angels”. The biggest surprise is Elizabeth Banks. She directs, writes, co-produces, and co-stars so this truly is her project. It’s a surprising series for her to try and revive and our first look doesn’t leave the best impression.

“Charlie’s Angels” hits theaters November 15th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

24 thoughts on “First Glance: “Charlie’s Angels”

  1. Rehash , reboot , redo is all that seems to be happening to many of these iconic old series or movies . Now I confess , I was a 13 young guy when the original came out and well , I was smitten . Yes I had the Farrah Fawcett poster but my fav Angel was Jaclyn Smith , and yes I had her poster too . I do own the original series and for its time and cheesiness , it works and is weirdly quite enjoyable . My wife and I watch it from time to time .But every reboot and re-imagining has utterly failed in my opinion.
    So after watching this new trailer all I can say is , let it rest please . To see Patrick Stewart through me off , but hey I guess he figured its a paycheck or something . Hard pass on this for me .

    • Yes!!! A fellow Jaclyn Smith guy. I was too. I kinda liked Cheryl Ladd when she came later. 😁

      But this thing…nothing about this trailer compels me to spend my time and money.

  2. I was never into the show and I didn’t like the movies at all. This however, I’ll give it a shot. It can’t be any worse than what was done previously.

    • I liked the show as a kid watching it with my parents. But the past movies and this trailer is probably enough to scare me away from this one. Looks pretty bad. Would love to be wrong though.

  3. Nope. Even the uniquely gorgeous Kristen Stewart wouldn’t be enough to get me to this one. I’m surprised to see Stewart in this one as she seems to have taken her career in the Indie/Art House direction. Maybe tossing in a big budget commercial movie every now and then is good for the career.

    • It’s definitely a u-turn for her. I’m not as wild about her as some are, but she has stayed away from these popcorn films. I don’t see any of the cast saving this one. Hope I’m wrong.

  4. It looks so bland and that trailer is a disaster, I like Banks but her inclusion only makes the main trio look even worse next to her

    • I kinda like Banks too but this is such a weird movie choice for her to be so invested in. The trailer doesn’t sell it well at all.

  5. The trailer was a lot more appealing than I thought it would be and I have faith that Banks can deliver, she made Pitch Perfect a lot more successful than people predicted so… 🙂

    Although I am getting tired of all these reboots and remakes, and was not overly happy with the casting of Kristen Stewart, I will definitely be watching this.

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