First Glance: “Midway”


I’ll always remember the star-studded 1976 film “Midway” as my father’s all-time favorite war movie. It looks like Hollywood is heading back to the Pacific Theater with a new take on the most decisive naval battle of World War II. The new trailer offers plenty of reasons to believe a new “Midway” could work. It also gives us reasons for concern.

On the positive side, I love some of the names attached: Patrick Wilson, Luke Evans, Dennis Quaid, Woody Harrelson, and Aaron Eckhart. Plus the trailer shows off some pretty thrilling visuals which could add a lot to this subject. But why be concerned? In two words – Roland Emmerich, a director with a history of numerous high-profile misfires. Look no further than his last film, the atrocious “Independence Day: Resurgence”.

So what do you think of the potential of “Midway”? It hits theaters November 8th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you will be seeing it or taking a pass.

11 thoughts on “First Glance: “Midway”

  1. I really liked the 76 version. Huge Heston fan and it had a great cast. I do get your concerns considering who is doing it but it has good cast and the trailer has me hopeful. As a war history buff, I’ll see it. Let’s just hope it isn’t too, shall we say, over the top but deals with the subject with some respect .

    • I’m definitely hopeful. I really want it to be good. But Emmerich has so many stinkers on his resume which worries me. But as you know, there is a great story to tell here. I hope he tells it.

  2. Oh yes, we’ll definitely be doing this, hubby is a war history buff too so it will have to be done. Fingers crossed it isn’t disappointing, the trailer looks good. Not too worried that Insurgence was crap, everyone’s allowed an off day or 4 😂. Christopher Nolan is a fab director but his Dunkirk was absoloute pants.

    • OUCH! You might not want to look up my Dunkirk review (spoiler: I adore that movie). 🙂 I think what worries me is that Emmerich has had so many days off! LOL

      • We went to the actual pictures to see Dunkirk ( a rarity for us) and were both totally disappointed at the filming of the beach scenes. I saw later that he used a load of cardboard cutouts. There just wasn’t enough people and chaos on the beach- compare it with the beach scene in Atonement when whatsisface oh god I’ve forgotten his name, umm, he plays Professor Xavier in Xman (younger, not Patrick Stewart!) anyway there’s a great one shot scene where the camera follows him all over the beach and you can really feel how it was, loads going on, trucks, vehicles, peopledoing all sorts it was awesome, made you feel what it was like for the guys. In the Dunkirk movie the soldiers are all lined up in neat rows (didn’t happen!) and most are the cardboard cutouts!! Dreadful. 🙂

  3. That trailer gave me bad reminders of the worst film ever made… Pearl Harbor.

    Plus, Roland Emmerich just doesn’t work for me as a lot of his recent films have been total shit and it just looks so awful. Plus, there’s Nick Jonas whose smug-ass face I just can’t stand.

  4. This movie trailer looks pretty good. Of course, it looks like Bay’s Pearl Harbor, but I do love the action and the film’s cast. Definitely looking forward to it.

    • I’m trying to be optimistic. Those battle scenes look pretty incredible and if done well I can only imagine how they will be on the big screen.

  5. Emmerich is such a hack, I would have little hope for this amounting to anything watchable. Plus, mostly, I don’t think big historical events translate well into stories with much drama to them. I suppose you need to watch them as visual spectacles.

    • Emmerich is such a huge warning sign for me. Still I’m holding out the smallest bit of hope. But my expectations will definitely be held in check.

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