First Glance: “The Lighthouse”


Robert Eggers blew me away with his 2015 debut feature “The Witch”. It was a period horror picture that showed the filmmaker’s incredible knack for tone management and methodical tension-building. His latest film looks to be offering a different twist on the horror genre but with the same visual ambitions and gripping atmosphere. I can’t wait.

“The Lighthouse” debuted at Cannes to strong reviews and A24 has just released an exciting new trailer. In it we see Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson as lighthouse keepers on a remote island who appear to be slowly descending into a haze of madness. It looks to be a performance-heavy movie with a striking monochrome palette full of deep shadows and moody detail.

“The Lighthouse” hits theaters October 18th and hopefully its release won’t be too limited. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

26 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Lighthouse”

  1. I am genuinely excited about this! I heard about this film from a friend earlier this year and I’ve been waiting anxiously for it. I’m glad it finally has a release date and I too and hoping it’s not too limited. This may be one I am willing to go out of my way to see.

    • I’m with you! I can’t wait for it. Just the sheer look of it excites me. But then you add Dafoe and Pattinson who look to be really digging deep into their characters.

  2. From the trailer alone, The Lighthouse seems like a lost relic from the silent era that has been remade with sound and given a dash of expressionist era imagery. Barnstorming is one word to describe it.

    • Yes! There is a striking German Expressionist vibe that really stands out. And I like the silent era comparison. You can really see that in the trailer.

  3. Jury’s out here. I am not so keen on horror movies but William Dafoe makes a mean movie. I’ll give it a shot whenever it comes to TV and I can hide behind the sofa if nec.

  4. I wanna see that. That looks incredible. Plus, kudos to Robert Pattinson for proving that he can do more than play some lame-ass vampire. It seems like some of the actors from that Twilight series have managed to find a niche or take some risks and do good. And then there’s that one kid with the shiny teeth who likes to take his shirt off. What happened to him?

    • It looks great, doesn’t it. Pattinson has really proven himself to me. Loved him in The Rover and The Lost City of Z. I bet he knocks this out!

  5. Saw this at Cannes and it was definitely the highlight of the festival. Eggers really is proving to be a great cinematic talent between this and The Witch.

  6. I am so looking forward to it. I was not a huge fan of “The Witch”, but this script looks like it would have more substance than his previous movie and there is Willem Dafoe there.

    • Aside from the the stunning look of the film, it does look character focused. That should give Dafoe and Pattinson plenty to chew on. Can’t wait.

  7. This seems to be an acting intensive movie. And promos and trailers also look to be pretty grim with a dark tone. I believe there is a real life story also very similar to this where all 3 people from a lighthouse are lost under some mysterious circumstances.It might be based on that I guess.

  8. I like the slight humour that comes through; most dark tales are improved by suggesting that even the most horrible things have more texture to them than pure unpleasant. Hopefully a fun, distressing, existential treat!

    • I too got a tingle of pitch-black comedy from that trailer. And that’s something I’m confident those two actors could bring to it. Can’t wait!

  9. Looks fantastic. General audience will hate it more than the VVitch and boy am I glad we have subtitles here because I understood no lines in this trailer, but I have no doubt it will be a great movie

    • I just hope this thing will open wide enough to get to my area. If not it will be another one of those cases where I have to wait MONTHS to see it. Grrrr……

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