First Glance: “Underwater”

You can’t watch the new trailer for “Underwater” and not see the bevy of movie influences. Right out of the gate William Eubank’s new undersea thriller looks like what you’d get if you crossed “The Abyss” with “Aliens”. Movies like this have always attracted my attention but they can also run the risk of being too conventional and by-the-books.

The trailer for “Underwater” leaves a strong first impression. The plot seems pretty familiar – a team of researchers man a station seven miles below the ocean’s surface. Their experiments (gasp) unearth something horrifying from the deep and the movie’s tense and claustrophobic horror elements take over. Kristen Stewart leads an otherwise okay cast that I hope give us more than cookie-cutter characters. If they get that right this movie could be a real treat.

“Underwater” is currently set to release January 10, 2020 (gulp). Check out the trailer below and let me know if you will be seeing it or taking a pass.

15 thoughts on “First Glance: “Underwater”

  1. The second mainstream movie starring Kristen Stewart you’ve linked to recently (Charlie’s Angels). I’ll be interested to see if she’s taking her career in a different direction or just mixing it up a little bit.

    I could see myself seeing it, perhaps.

    • I’m not Stewart’s biggest fan either. But I have to admit, I am a sucker for these kinds of flicks. Whether this one works out…fingers crossed.

  2. I saw the trailer yesterday and it looks like a typical film that reminds me of a lot of films including Sphere (anyone remembered that film?). At least Kristen Stewart is getting a big paycheck as let’s just hope she will return to more arty fare.

    • It might be pretty familiar stuff, but I really liked “Aliens” vibe particularly in the second half of the trailer. But releasing in January kinda makes you wonder.

      • Mine too! It’s one of those movies that I have to watch whenever I come across it on TV. I have waaaaay too many of its line committed to memory. Love me some “Aliens”.

  3. It looks interesting , whether it will be good , well will see . My one beef with these type of movies is why does the crew always seem so unprofessional and like a bunch of bohemians . Just a observation that annoys me a little . If this was real exploration , they would be the best of the best in their scientific field or military which comes with discipline and professionalism . I know doesn’t make for good cinema but its always been a pet peeve with some , not all of these type of movies. Having said that , Ill check it out because I do dig these type of movies .

    • YES, YES, YES!!! That is such a good point. These characters always seem to be the same. It’s like they picked up a few interns and put them in charge of a multi-billion dollar research station. It’s a character blueprint I wish they would throw away.

      • Exactly . Its like they went out and randomly picked the most unkempt , bunch of people to man a expedition . Can you see Nasa or any top level organization doing that ? Nope . Just think it would be better to get away from the sameness in casting these type of pics.

    • That was the main weakness with the movie “Prometheus”. They landed on an alien planet and just jumped right in with no preparation and apparently no rules about playing with the alien life. I still like it though…

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