Starting Tomorrow: Denzel Day!


Roger Ebert astutely said of Denzel Washington “He can make you believe in almost any character.” There is so much truth in that statement. Denzel has been one of the most consistently great actors of my lifetime. His performances are always a strength of any movie he is in, even the small handful of not-so-great ones. And his decision to always do original movies has always impressed me (He has done one lone sequel in his near 40 year career).

So who better to celebrate than this phenomenal actor. And to do that I’m dedicating every Wednesday for the next three months to the movies from Denzel’s vast filmography. Throughout this run each Wednesday will be known as Denzel Day, a goofy but fitting title for such a series. Each Denzel Day will focus on one of his movies and I hope you will follow along and share your thoughts.



19 thoughts on “Starting Tomorrow: Denzel Day!

  1. I’m totally here for this! His body of work will keep you going for awhile. I look forward to reading. Maybe I’ll even join in 🙂 Happy Denzel Day y’all!

  2. Whenever I hears someone talk about Denzel Washington. I think of an episode of Martin where Martin and his gang are in Hollywood trying to find someone as Pam sees a limo and thinks she sees Denzel in that limo as she spends the entire episode chasing that limo on her feet screaming DENZEL DENZEL DENZEL!!!!

    Another thing about Denzel that I always think of is this old joke from Def Comedy Jam from a female comedian about how she and a friend are at the beach and they see Denzel. I forgot who said the joke but it was hilarious.

  3. Ooh, I like this idea very much. Denzel Washington is a powerful actor with a big filmography. That’s a great bit of trivia by the way, I had no idea The Equalizer was the only time he’s starred in a sequel! That’s impressive.

    • Very impressive, right? He has a couple of remakes to his name but only one lone sequel. It all kicks off tomorrow. Hope you’ll share your thoughts on them.

  4. Great idea! He is one of my all time favorite actors and has been in so many fantastic movies (my favorite performance is Remember the Titans), so I will be watching to see which ones you choose to highlight 😀

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  5. Great idea, and great actor!

    One (kinda off topic) curiosity: why do I see Roger Ebert’s name quoted everywhere!? Is he universally considered a master movie reviewer? How did he get this status?

    • Ebert gets a lot of credit for expanding the scope of film criticism and bringing it to the attention of many fresh eyes. He and Gene Siskel (Chicago based film critics from competing newspapers) started a 30-minute weekly television series dedicated to reviewing that week’s new movies. The show ran for years and they became household names known more for their disagreements than agreements. You can find a lot of them on YouTube under Siskel & Ebert.

      Ebert was also the first film critic ever to receive a Pulitzer Prize for film criticism.

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