First Glance: “The French Dispatch”


Any (and I do mean ANY) time a Wes Anderson movie is announced I’m instantly onboard; curious, enthused, and anxious for any glimpse into what the brilliantly idiosyncratic filmmaker is up to. The unique style, the daffy humor, the feast of striking eye candy is all guaranteed. And while I know Anderson isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I find his movies to be delightful.

Which brings us to the long awaited first look at “The French Dispatch”, Anderson’s tenth film and yet another another star-studded affair. As with his others, Anderson writes and directs this story of an American journalist based in a fictional French city who creates a magazine called The French Dispatch. It seems as if the film focuses on the three short stories published in the Dispatch‘s final issue.

The trailer reveals what looks like a Wes Anderson movie on steroids. It’s all but impossible to discern what all is shown and it’s main emphasis seems to be on the peculiar filmmaking style Anderson has become known for. I do wish the trailer wasn’t quite so hyperactive. On the other hand, I absolutely love it.

“The French Dispatch” is set to release July 24th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

23 thoughts on “First Glance: “The French Dispatch”

    • I will say though that yeah, that trailer is pretty loaded. But then, don’t we always have this reaction to a Wes Anderson trailer? lol I’m pretty sure I had the same reservations about Grand Budapest Hotel at the very least.

      • Try this, start the trailer and then pause it on the different shots. Anderson is a director of detail and the sheer amount of things to look at in some of these scenes is astonishing. Nearly every shot gives you so much to look at.

  1. I’m not sure whose movies I get more excited over, Wes Anderson’s or Quentin Tarantino’s. I’m geeked for this one! I adore who I’m seeing added to his cast.

  2. I saw the trailer twice already and I so want to see this. If he ever decides to do some weird-ass action film or even a softcore porn film. YOU RIGHT I WILL GO SEE IT!!!!!!

  3. Ah bummer. Going to hang my head in shame. I haven’t seen any of his movies (had to wiki the list). The reason is I thought he was the guy who did The nightmare on elm street franchise! 🤣 I live under a rock apparently.

  4. I think ‘The French Dispatch’ will be delightful! It’ll be one of those films one watches repeatedly only to catch details they missed previously. Also, at 1:52 of the trailer, look closely at what Moses Rosenthal (Benicio del Toro) is drinking. Great to see him again!

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