First Glance: “Greyhound”


There are so many reasons to be excited for the upcoming World War II naval war film “Greyhound”. It starts with Tom Hanks, always good in front of the camera, but here he also serves as screenwriter. Even more, the movie is directed by Aaron Schneider, his first film since 2009 fantastic “Get Low”. Can’t wait to see him back in the director’s chair. And then you have the incredible true story from which the film is based.

Well now we get the first trailer and I’m even more excited. Hanks stars as Lieutenant Commander Ernest Krause, a career Navy officer finally given his first command. And boy it’s a doozy. He’s tasked with escorting an international convey across the treacherous North Atlantic. They immediately are hunted by a pack of German U-boats which puts Krause’s leadership and confidence to the ultimate test.

“Greyhound” is set to hit theaters June 12th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

16 thoughts on “First Glance: “Greyhound”

      • I think it’s great to see her still working. I know a guy…ahem…who was pretty fond of her back in her “Cocktail” days. I won’t name names though. 😂

  1. I really liked “Get Low” and I like Tom Hanks in anything. Not usually my kind of movie but will see it because based on actual events — once it gets to DVD.

  2. This trailer has me truly excited for this release. The movie looks to be very intense and well-acted. Hanks is usually mr.reliable for a good performance. War movies, as a history buff, always interest me and this one Im confident will not disappoint.

    • Doesn’t it look fantastic? This is a case where I was already looking forward to a movie but the trailer excited me even more. You’re right, Hanks is as reliable as they come. Can’t wait!

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