First Glance: “Bill & Ted Face the Music”


For those needing evidence that absolutely ANY movie can get a sequel, I present to you “Bill & Ted Face the Music”. Now to be fair this is actually the second sequel to the original 1989 “Excellent Adventure”. It was followed by the pair’s “Bogus Journey” in 1991. But when rumors started swirling of a third movie some thirty years later, let’s just say the prospects weren’t what I would call most triumphant.

But yet all the rumors were indeed true and Orion Pictures has dropped their first trailer. Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter reprise their roles as the air-headed but lovable best buds who must go back to their Wyld Stallyns roots to put together one more song that can save the world. Sound preposterous? Of course it does. It’s supposed to. That said, the trailer doesn’t reveal much and what’s there is more nostalgic than impressive. Hopefully they can give us another goofy, light-hearted adventure.

“Bill & Ted Face the Music” is set for release August 21st. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

32 thoughts on “First Glance: “Bill & Ted Face the Music”

  1. Of course I will see it. Stupidity still has a place in the world, all you have to do to know that is look around. Late August, while the Sun keeps us warm is perfect placement.

  2. EXCELLENT!!!! Of course I’m going to see this. I love both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey as the latter I think is a rare sequel that is superior to its predecessor. Here’s something that not many people know.

    Bio-Dome was supposed to be the third Bill & Ted movie but I think who ever was involved in the original film series was like “fuck no”. It wouldn’t work. First of all, as dense as Bill and Ted are. They’re not dumb-asses. They’re not the kind of guys who will fuck things up because they’re assholes. They don’t mock scientists and actually know the difference between “Spider-Man” and “Iron Man”. Bill and Ted have heart. They can be mean but not in a sadistic way.

    That’s why I love those guys and I’m eager to see what they will act like as older adults. Plus, it’s great to see Keanu returning to his roots as he’s definitely enjoying his Keanu-ssaince.

    • They definitely have heart which is why they are lovable goofballs. I’m anxious to see how this turns out. Hopefully it does the fellas justice.

  3. Honestly it depends on what the COVID outbreak looks like by August. I’m worried about a 2nd wave building. This would be the perfect distraction tho!

  4. I’m not as convinced this is something that can work. For the simple reason of what basically, i guess, amounts to ageism. I just don’t feel these guys in these roles at this age. Theyre certainly not old, but they’re physically looking too mature for such iconic, goofy roles. It’s part of what made me shrug when Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey did the belated Dumb & Dumber sequel. That time has passed man, time to face the music. Whoops .

    • You may be right. I have to admit, there is something….off about Keanu in the trailer. Kinda going through the motions, maybe? I dunno.

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