First Glance: “Let Him Go”


Kevin Costner and Diane lane reunite but this time not as the Earth parents of Superman. Instead they star as a different husband and wife duo in Thomas Bezucha’s upcoming thriller “Let Him Go”. As a huge Costner fan my ears perked up just hearing about his new film. But after seeing the first trailer I’m even more onboard. This isn’t another warm and fuzzy old couple love story.

The film follows a retired sheriff (Costner) and his wife (Lane) who are still mourning the death of their son. The two set out to rescue their grandson from his abusive stepdad who lives with his twisted off-the-grid family. The clan is ran by a wicked family matriarch (played by none other than Leslie Manville) and she isn’t giving up the boy without a fight. I love the cast and I love the concept.

“Let Him Go” is set for a November 6th theatrical release. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

15 thoughts on “First Glance: “Let Him Go”

  1. OK, this looks good. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane going against a bunch of bad people lead by Lesley Manville. Plus, to see Lane and Manville go at it. OH HELL YEAH!!!!

  2. The last thing I saw Costner in was the one with Woody Harrelson as the Rangers going after Bonnie & Clyde. He’s a great actor in my book and looking forward to this one. Lane I saw in the movie Paris Can Wait and loved her in it. Those two going up against an evil clan sounds interesting. Yes, definitely want to see this one.

    • The Highwaymen. I actually really liked that one even though many didn’t. I think some people wanted more action but that’s not what that movie was going for. I really need to watch it again.

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