DC FanDome: The Best Trailers & Biggest Announcements


On Saturday DC Comics and Warner Brothers held their first ever DC FanDome, a day-long virtual celebration of everything DC. It featured interviews, panels, game reveals, and new trailers for upcoming projects from their biggest properties. It was a day full of great announcements and unexpected surprises. Before we get to the trailers here are a few of the biggest news bites.

  • Some of the most exciting news came during the panel for the upcoming Flash movie. We learn that Flash’s film will officially launch the DC Multiverse much like his character did in the comics. But it gets better. As star Ezra Miller said, “By opening the door that Flashpoint did in the comics, all of these stories and characters can start to collide.” And they aren’t wasting any time. Turns out Michael Keaton’s Batman from the Tim Burton films actually designs Barry Allen’s new Flash suit (check them out in the cool image below). Not only does the multiverse bring all of the DC movies under the same umbrella, but it offers tremendous crossover opportunities. Talk about exciting potential.


  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was finally able to share details on his long talked about “Black Adam” movie. Black Adam is such a rich and complex character and it sounds as though the movie will embrace much of that. Plus he gave us some cool teases of the Justice Society and the roles they will be playing. If they get him right, Black Adam could be a game changer.
  • James Gunn revealed the cast for his upcoming refresh of Suicide Squad, and what a MASSIVE cast it is! Returning is Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Jai Courtney, and Viola Davis. But it’s some of the new faces who give me hope: Idris Elba, Michael Rooker, Nathan Fillion, John Cena. That only scratches the surface. The cast is truly enormous and getting everyone quality time is going to be a huge challenge. I’ll think I’ll stay in skeptical mode for now.

Now let’s get to the really good stuff:

“The Batman” Teaser

Director Matt Reeves finally gave us a first look at “The Batman” and it didn’t disappoint. Talk about leaving a terrific first impression. I love the dark gritty tone, the serial killer/detective vibe, the fresh glimpses we get of some familiar characters including Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman. And how about the creepy sadistic teases of Paul Dano’s Riddler? And of course Robert Pattinson who looks great as a deeply damaged Bruce Wayne/Batman finding his way in his early vigilante days. This was a really satisfying teaser especially when combined with the multiverse news. I can’t wait!

“Wonder Woman 1984” Trailer 2

Patty Jenkins ended the “Wonder Woman 1984” panel with exactly what I was hoping for – a brand spanking new trailer. Gal Gadot continues to make this character her own and the trailer gives her plenty of cool moments (she’s so good). Chris Pine gets a few new clips as does Pedro Pascal. But it’s Kristen Wiig’s character who we learn the most about. I like what we’ve seen so far from Wiig but I gotta admit the Cheetah getup near the end of the trailer looks a little iffy. Still, this movie remains high on my must-see list and it was great to get some new looks.

“Justice League” The Snyder Cut

I proudly admit that I like “Justice League” but it definitely had its flaws. Who’s responsible for those flaws is still up for debate, but many believe they are due to Joss Whedon’s re-writes and re-shoots. Whedon took over for Zack Snyder following a terrible family tragedy. Fans knew instantly the film felt off and some time later they began petitioning for the Snyder Cut. Saturday we got our first look at the official Snyder Cut coming next year to HBO Max. The teaser shows a variety of awesome images from the cut playing to Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. Odd choice of song yet incredibly effective. Apparently it will be four hours long and broken into four “episodes”. But don’t worry, Snyder confirmed it will also be coming out as a full movie. I can’t wait to see the film again, this time in its original vision.

So what were you thoughts on the movie news from DC FanDome? What was your favorite announcement? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

21 thoughts on “DC FanDome: The Best Trailers & Biggest Announcements

  1. This will possibly sound a little negative, but I’d rather be thrown into the pit full of snakes in Raiders of the Lost Ark than sit through any conceivable version of Suicide Squad. Again, not trying to be negative.

    Kind of curious how they resurrected Chris Pine for the new Wonder Woman movie.

    • I understand. The first SS was pretty dreadful. That’s a big reason for skepticism. I’m not sure piling on twice as many new characters is the answer. But I’m giving a shot mainly due to some of the new names. Fingers crossed!

  2. I liked Justice League so you are not alone! Strange having two different Batmans at the same time-ish. No doubt will see them all eventually when they stream. Looking forward to Wonder Woman the most though!

  3. The Batman and Wonder Woman 1984 look awesome as I’m excited to see the former as it looks like it will be intense though I still prefer Nolan’s trilogy. The look of what James Gunn is doing for The Suicide Squad looks great as it will definitely teach David Ayer on how it’s supposed to be done. The concept art for The Flash and Black Adam looks cool. I was disappointed in Justice League as I didn’t like its look and thought Steppenwolf was a very lame villain. Zack Snyder’s new cut of it actually looks interesting though I will admit that Snyder is hit/miss with me.

    • I know what you mean about Snyder and I’m with you on Steppenwolf. Did you too get the sense that much of his story (especially the buildup to his climactic battle) was missing. For me it seemed like there were chunks of story omitted. That’s one thing I’m hoping Snyder’s cut fixes.

      • I did get the sense that we didn’t get to know Steppenwolf a lot yet the trailer also suggested more about who Cyborg is before the film even came out. Whatever issues Ray Fisher probably had with Whedon might be true and probably why Whedon cut a lot of his work. I’m willing to give Snyder the chance to see what he can flesh out.

  4. WW 1984 looks SO GOOD and I wanna see it so badly. Iffy on the Cheetah design too, which is looking straight up like Animorphs. Was hoping for more practical looks but I suppose we’ll wait and see.

    Biggest surprise of FanDome for me was The Batman. Was not at all expecting a trailer and I’m very much impressed by the visuals and mood. I thought I got what I wanted out of Nolan’s TDK trilogy, but Reeves’ vision and Pattinson’s brooding has me excited about the character all over again.

    • I’m with you! The Batman teaser really excited me. And with the news of their multiverse coming to the movies, it adds a whole new level of creativity for these filmmakers. I can’t wait to see what Reeves has in store for us.

      • Very interested to see how they’ll pull off the multiverse concept. Seems like a better way to loosely connect the DC films with the potential for crossover rather than stuffing these characters into one obnoxious interconnected world. Here’s hoping Warner Bros. doesn’t get in their own way this time!

      • That’s exactly it. And it allows for a variety of interpretations from a host of different filmmakers. That’s pretty exciting.

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