First Glance: “Enola Holmes”


This morning Netflix dropped a new trailer for their upcoming mystery movie “Enola Holmes”. Shamefully I didn’t know that “Enola Holmes” was a popular young adult novel series from American author Nancy Springer. The film adaptation was originally planned for a big screen release, but following the COVID-19 theater closings Netflix acquired the distribution rights from Legendary Entertainment.

“Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown plays Enola, the younger sister of the renowned Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill). When Enola discovers her mother (played by the always welcomed Helena Bonham-Carter) is missing, she sets out to find her, honing her own keen super-sleuth skills along the way. The trailer shows off a delightfully playful vibe and I kinda love the silly fourth wall breaking. This is an infectiously fun first look.

“Enola Holmes” premieres September 23rd only on Netflix. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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