First Glance: “My Zoe”

My Zoe

With “My Zoe” Julie Delpy brings together an intriguing cast to tell an emotionally charged story of grief, loss, and a mother’s attempt to cope. The drama is written and directed by Delpy who also plays the leads role. “My Zoe” first showed at the 2019 Toronto Independent Film Festival and it’s first trailer debuted a few months ago. But now we have an October release date and I like the looks of it so far.

Delpy plays Isabelle, a mother raising her daughter Zoe with her bitter ex-husband (Richard Armitage). When Zoe tragically dies Isabelle is shattered and unable to accept the death of her beloved daughter. So against all reason, the devastated yet determined mother seeks out a Russian fertility specialist (Daniel Brühl) and his wife (Gemma Arterton) believing they can help bring her daughter back. It’s heavy subject matter approached from a very unique angle.

“My Zoe” is set to release October 5th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

19 thoughts on “First Glance: “My Zoe”

  1. From Killing Zoe to My Zoe. Wow… Julie Delpy has had an incredible career going back to Mauvais Sang and now this. I do want to see this though I know it’s going to be a tearjerker.

  2. Since becoming a mom about 10 years ago I’m finding I can’t watch or read certain stories like I used to. I can’t get passed the circumstances to appreciate the storytelling part. I think I’d have to sit this one out. But I enjoy your reviews!

  3. I didn’t like this as much as I’d hoped. There’s a very abrupt, very drastic change in tone and even, frankly, in genre halfway through that was very difficult to process.

    • Looks like it will be available across most VOD platforms. That’s one thing I have enjoyed seeing. SO many of these independent films never make it to my area. I love that more of them are going the VOD route.

      • One of the things I love about borrowing DVDs from the library is that there are almost always plenty of previews to watch. Pen at the ready, it’s become my main source of finding new movies, many of which I never heard of before. I watched one last night that was *excellent* from 2007, called, “The Band’s Visit” an Israeli movie. If you get a chance check it out (if you haven’t already seen it.)

      • I’m so jealous of that. Since I’m from a small town our local library doesn’t have that which is a bummer. It’s something I would use A TON!

      • P.S. I was just looking at some info on “The Band’s Visit” and one of the 3 main characters, Saleh Bakri, is in “My Zoe.” What are the odds on that? The convo comes full circle lol

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