First Glance: “Cadaver”


Cadaver: (noun) a corpse. Not exactly the warmest or most inviting title for a movie but if the new trailer is any indication it’s crudely fitting. Netflix’s new film “Cadaver” is set to premiere on their streaming platform just in time for Halloween. Yesterday gave us our first look at this Norwegian psychological thriller and it makes for an enticing seasonal fit.

Written and directed by Jarand Herdal, “Cadaver” is set in the wake of a nuclear disaster. A couple and their young daughter are among survivors invited to a hotel to attend a charitable dinner theater. Once there the attendees are fed a meal and given a mask to distinguish them from the actors. Needless to say things take a rather wicked turn. “What makes us human in times like these. What separates us from the animals.” That’s a question Herdal seems ready to explore.

“Cadaver” premieres October 22nd on Netflix. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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