Great Images from Great Movies #18: “The Untouchables”


Truly great movies can leave indelible marks. It may be through an emotional connection to the story. It may be through a remarkable performance or a signature scene. But it can also be through the brilliant imagery a film can carve into your mind. That’s what this feature is all about – highlighting great images from great movies. Today we look at Brian De Palma’s 1987 gem “The Untouchables”.


(All photos courtesy of Paramount Pictures)

So what are your thoughts on “The Untouchables”? Which of these great images stick with you the most? Please share your favorites in the comments section below.

20 thoughts on “Great Images from Great Movies #18: “The Untouchables”

  1. I love DePalma’s movie. The camera angles. The staging. The colors and textures and the sweeping Canadian Rockies. What’s not to like? It has one of the best opening shots of Deniro and the shave. Just perfect.

  2. Definitely one of the great films of the 20th Century and one of the reasons why I love Brian de Palma. People give him shit for borrowing heavily from Hitchcock but who hasn’t? At least he does it as a homage but also in his own take. Plus, that scene in the train station steps as a tribute to Battleship Potemkin. Genius. Only a master of cinema could pull that off and make it both a homage and suspenseful.

    There’s so many things about the film that is just great, Morricone’s score, the art direction, the ensemble cast. Billy Drago in that climax is awesome as he will be missed. He’s one of my favorite character actors.

    • I agree with everything you said, yet isn’t it interesting that it isn’t mentioned among the other great films of its time. It’s such a shame. It deserves to be.

  3. The picture that sticks with me the most is the one with DeNiro and company on the steps. Brilliant shot and an excellent movie. Though I’ve always wondered if you are so antiestablishment and a criminal, why would your choice of clothing be a suit and tie? If I ever become head of a crime syndicate I’m going to have the Hugh Hefner pajama thing going.

    • Ha Ha! Silk robe and the works?

      One thing about the gangsters of the era, they were a little hypocritical. They definitely promoted themselves as anti-establishment, but some of the bosses didn’t look the part. Some of the old group kept it hidden better. Guys like Gambino knew the risks of drawing attention. Others though…not so much.

  4. Keith, nice post. the cinematography and costumes were really outstanding aspects of this film. therefore the photos above are quite memorable. but I would pick the early shot of Capone getting a manicure and a shave. if memory serves, that shot also includes a bit of text about the prohibition era. As for performances, Connery and De Niro really stood out. Costner was good too. a great entertaining version of a true story.

    ps.Keith, am interested in adding film photos to my blog like those above. is there a process to get them? are they for sale?

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