First Glance: “The Courier”


Benedict Cumberbatch leads the upcoming historical Cold War drama “The Courier”. Set in 1960, the film tells “the incredible true story” of humble businessman Greville Wynne. He’s recruited by both MI-6 and the CIA to penetrate Soviet ranks and connect with a Russian mole (Mereb Ninidze) in an effort to bring an end to the mounting Cuban Missile Crisis. Dominic Cooke directs from a script written by Tom O’Connor.

Cumberbatch looks to be a great fit but I’m more intrigued by the supporting cast. I’m always up for watching Jessie Buckley and here she plays Greville’s wife Sheila. And Rachel Brosnahan, who was so good in last year’s “I’m Your Woman”, plays a mysterious CIA operative. And the story looks to be an exciting deep-cover spy thriller, but one with a strong human pulse. Shamefully I’m not that familiar with the true story, but the first trailer has me intrigued to know more.

“The Courier” opens in theaters March 19th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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