First Glance: “Those Who Wish Me Dead”


Seeing Taylor Sheridan attached was all I needed to be excited for the upcoming neo-western thriller “Those Who Wish Me Dead”. Since first jumping behind the camera in 2011, the 50-year-old Oscar-nominated Texan has written and/or directed several projects I have loved. He penned the two “Sicario” movies, 2016’s “Hell or High Water”, he wrote and directed 2017’s “Wind River”, and was co-creator of Paramount’s hit show “Yellowstone”. And he has Amazon’s “Without Remorse” starring Michael B. Jordan coming out this month. Sheridan’s latest dropped its first trailer and you can see his fingerprints all over it.

The film is based on Michael Koryta’s 2014 novel of the same name and stars Angelina Jolie as a guilt-ridden firefighter who mans an isolated fire tower in the Montana wilderness. When she steps in to help a lost 12-year-old boy (played by newcomer Finn Little) she finds herself caught between two deadly assassins and the wrath of nature itself. The film has a great batch of co-stars including Jon Bernthal, Nicholas Hoult, Aidan Gillen, and Tyler Perry. The fun cast along with Sheridan’s knack for great region-focused storytelling makes this a must-watch.

“Those Who Wish Me Dead” opens May 14th in theaters and on HBO Max. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

11 thoughts on “First Glance: “Those Who Wish Me Dead”

  1. First thing I’ve heard of with Jolie in it in awhile. I’ve liked Hoult ever since Mad Max: Fury Road. I won’t pay to see it but if it comes to netflix or the library I’ll check it out.

  2. Taylor Sheridan is a definitely yes from me. It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve seen Angelina Jolie in something. Definitely watching this. (but ugh Littlefinger…)

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