First glance: “Percy vs Goliath” (2021)


Fresh off of his 78th birthday, screen legend Christopher Walken is still working and has a new movie on the way. “Percy vs Goliath” is a biographical drama that actually came out in Canada late last year. Now, ahead of its upcoming US premiere, the film has dropped a new trailer and Walken fans have something to look forward to. The film is essentially an underdog story – a legal drama with some heart that also stars Christina Ricci, Zach Braff, and Adam Beach.

Walken plays a small town farmer who is taken to court by a large corporation accusing him of using patented seeds. But the truth is he’s been using the same method his family has used for generations – saving and harvesting their own seeds. “I get sued for doing the same thing my family’s been doing for hundreds of years,” he declares. I’m not well versed in this world but I do love a good underdog story and I’ll watch Walken in just about anything. This one has all the ingredients for a good compelling drama.

“Percy vs Goliath” opens April 30th in theaters and on VOD. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

16 thoughts on “First glance: “Percy vs Goliath” (2021)

      • I know there’s a doc out there on it which is where I learned about it generally (i.e. where Monsanto was trying to put seed savers out of commission so farmers had to buy only their patented seed) but the specific case is new to me. Also, after some case was won against Monsanto, they changed their name to Bayer. How do I know this part? One of their evil chemical companies isn’t that far from here. Latest development on that: there’s a for sale sign on the big sign out front now. Hoping that’s a good sign (pun intended!)

  1. I don’t even need to watch the trailer to decide. I love Christopher Walken, but all you had to do was mention Zach Braff and I’m out man, I’m out. I cannot stand that man.

  2. I have seen this trailer and… Keith… I’m glad… you’re praising… the greatness… that is… Christopher Walken…. It’s crazy! He still could go! Walken going against…. the MAN! WHOA!!!!! Of course…. anyone… who slanders…. his name…. I’ll stab you in the face… with a soldering iron… YOU LIKE THAT!

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