First Glance: “Monster”


A terrific cast leads the way in the upcoming Netflix drama “Monster”. The movie premiered waaay back in 2018 at Sundance and is just now getting released thanks to Netflix. The movie follows a 17-year-old high school honor student with a love for photography who has his young life derailed after he is accused and eventually charged with felony murder. A dense and emotionally-charged legal battle ensues which allows director Anthony Mandler to plow some pretty potent ground.

Aside from an interesting story, “Monster” packs an attention-grabbed ensemble. Rising star Kelvin Harrison, Jr. gets the lead role and is joined by a rich supporting cast including Jeffrey Wright, Jennifer Hudson, John David Washington, Tim Blake Nelson, Jharrel Jerome, and Jennifer Ehle among others. The recent trailer drop is pretty enticing. There are a couple of iffy on-the-nose lines of dialogue, but if the movie can avoid that trap this could be really good.

“Monster” premieres May 7th on Netflix. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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