First Glance: “The Tomorrow War”

A few days ago we got a tiny teaser for Amazon’s “The Tomorrow War”. Today the streaming studio dropped the first full trailer for this upcoming action science-fiction flick and one-time Paramount property. The film is directed by Chris McKay who’s probably best known for “The Lego Batman Movie”. This was yet another victim of the COVID-19 delays and was quickly gobbled up by Amazon just last month. Now it’s all set for an early July release.

Chris Pratt stars a former Delta Force operator who in order to save his family must join a fight in the future to save the planet. Sound confusing? The trailer only gives us the basics which leaves a lot of questions that hopefully will be answered. In a nutshell the military of the future are under siege by an attacking alien species. So they develop a technology to travel back in time in order to draft soldiers from the past to bring back to the future. Now you have even more questions, right? Anyway, this could be a fun popcorn flick if they’re able to make some sense of it all. The trailer doesn’t sell itself very well with a pretty generic feel and numerous hokey, overly dramatic lines. But the concept has me holding out hope.

“The Tomorrow War” premieres July 2nd on Amazon Prime streaming. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

9 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Tomorrow War”

  1. Meanwhile, I’m just waiting for Edge of Tomorrow on 4K.

    It looks so generic and borrowed from other sci-fi action movies but not the good ones like Edge of Tomorrow or War of the Worlds, more like Battle: Los Angeles or *shudders* Skyline. Prob gonna sit this one out.

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