First Glance: “Pig”

To those of you anxious for a new wild-man Nicolas Cage experience, boy do I have the movie for you! With “Pig” NEON adds yet another intriguing film to its stellar and wildly diverse portfolio. It’s written and directed by Michael Sarnoski and teaches us a valuable lesson. Much like John Wick and his pup, you don’t mess with Nic Cage and his pig. Apparently some people do and Cage isn’t too happy about it.

Unlike John Wick, Cage doesn’t play a lethal head-shotting assassin but a former chef turned truffle-hunting recluse. Someone swipes his pig from his remote cabin in the Oregon wilderness leading him to head into the city to find it. During his search he encounters faces from his past, opening up a number of old wounds. The thickly bearded Cage seems to be the perfect fit and the trailer shows a psychological edge that may make this more than just a story of a man and his lost pig. I’m anxious to give it a look.

“Pig” opens July 16th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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