First Glance: “Encanto”

I haven’t done many animation first looks but this one is pretty interesting. Disney’s handling of their last animated feature “Luca” was pretty weird – pulling it from its theatrical release and sending it straight to streaming. So far it looks like their next film “Encanto” is slated for the big screen, but it’s still a few months away so I’m guessing anything can happen. The first trailer dropped today to the delight of Walt Disney Animation fans. Where they will get to watch it could still be in question.

“Encanto” comes from co-directors Byron Howard and Jared Bush with music by the seemingly everywhere Lin-Manuel Miranda. It follows the Madrigals, a Colombian family living in an enchanted mountain village. Every child in the family has a magical gift except Mirabel (voiced by Stephanie Beatriz). But when the household’s magic is threatened, Mirabel may be the only one able to save the day. The story sounds a little generic but the animation looks great and I really like the culture and setting.

“Encanto” is currently scheduled for a theater release November 24th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

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