First Glance: “Blue Bayou”

From its earliest frames the new trailer for the upcoming immigration drama “Blue Bayou” shows us a movie that has a lot on its heart. From Korean-American actor and filmmaker Justin Chon, the film is inspired by heartbreaking personal stories and is clearly meant to be a conversation starter. “Blue Bayou” was picked up by Focus Features and had its premiere today at the Cannes Film Festival.

At the heart of “Blue Bayou” is the story of a unique American family struggling to make ends meet. Chon and Oscar-winner Alicia Vikander play Antonio and Kathy LeBlanc, a loving couple raising their young daughter in a small town in south Louisiana. Their lives are plunged into chaos when Antonio, born in Korea but adopted and raised in America since he was 3-years-old, is arrested is set to be deported from the only home he has ever known. The trailer really hits its mark and packs a powerful punch. The film looks to be a timely exploration with deeply human consequences. It’s biggest risk is being too forward. Regardless, this has all the markings of something really special.

“Blue Bayou” hits theaters September 17th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

11 thoughts on “First Glance: “Blue Bayou”

  1. Getting strong Place Beyond The Pines vibes with an adrenaline shot of reality. I’ve been very impressed with Justin Chon post-Twlilight and 21 & Over. He’s definitely carving up new territories for himself. Will absolutely be seeing this.

  2. An emotional ride in that trailer. Makes me sick to think there would be any risk of an infant brought here and adopted of being deported. I hope this isn’t reality. If it is the laws must be changed.

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