First Glance: “Dune” Trailer #2

The first trailer for the hotly anticipated “Dune” landed back in September of 2020. Now just weeks away from its big release, Warner Bros. has dropped a second trailer – an eye-popping three minute-plus dive into Denis Villeneuve’s sprawling science-fiction epic. This thing only looks better and better with each reveal.

Where the first trailer felt more like a tease, trailer #2 really pulls you into this massive immersive world Villeneuve is creating. We also get better looks at the movies enormously talented cast. Jason Momoa, Oscar Isaac, Rebecca Ferguson, and Josh Brolin all get highlighted. And of course Timothee Chalamet and Zendaya are the centerpieces. I’ll be honest, last year’s trailer got me interested in “Dune”. This one has be genuinely excited. I can’t wait.

“Dune” opens October 22nd in theaters and streaming on HBO Max. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

17 thoughts on “First Glance: “Dune” Trailer #2

  1. I like it! Going to be good I just hope that we were not spoiled too much with the scenes as I am more of the type that likes to be surprised and some of those scenes were pretty epic.

  2. I’m sorry for sounding elitist here but this movie honestly shouldn’t even have a streaming option. This is an event film that simply belongs on the big screen. I can’t even imagine reducing this thing to an 80″ screen. And I think I’m being generous with that screen size too, the average household does not own a screen that big

    • It’s also with this impending release I kind of kick myself for skipping Jodorovski’s Dune when I was living near to an indie theater. That docu was supposed to be fascinating with it’s breakdown of what made the original such a colossal failures Might need to track it down online somehow before seeing Villeneuve’s take

    • It’s really bizarre to me too. In one sense I wonder if this was a casualty of their hasty decision which sounded good at the time, but may not be in the long run. Of course I guess it depends on how much WB truly appreciates the cinematic experience and how much money they make through HBO MAX. I know I’m seeing it in the theater…without question.

  3. This has to be seen on the big screen as I’m just hoping it doesn’t suck. I know it’s a dense story but given the many attempts to make the book into a film with David Lynch having the unfortunate experience to create an adaptation that didn’t work. Let’s hope Villeneuve creates something special even though it probably will never top what Alejandro Jodorowsky was going to have.

  4. As a defender of the Lynch version, and it’s flaws, I am still stoked to see this film. Went to a Preview of the preview. I have seen the first ten minutes of the movie. It is going to be epic. Last years teaser trailer left me uncertain, this one sells me completely.

  5. i might see it strictly on the strength of the director. I’m coming around to thinking he is one of the top few directors working right now.

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