First Glance: “The Guilty”

Today Netflix dropped the trailer for their upcoming tight-knight thriller “The Guilty”. The movie is actually a remake of a terrific 2018 Danish film of the same name from director and co-writer Gustav Möller. This American version is helmed by Anthony Fuqua (“Training Day”, “The Equalizer”) and stars Jake Gyllenhaal. It features an interesting supporting cast that includes Ethan Hawke, Paul Dano, Riley Keough and Peter Sarsgaard.

Seeing those names attached is intriguing considering the movie takes place entirely in a 911 dispatch center and focuses on a single emergency operator (Gyllenhaal). The story unfolds after the operator takes the call from a girl believed to be abducted. Over the film’s tense 90 minutes the operator tries to piece together the mystery and save the girl with only fragments of information. I’m not sure if we needed an American remake, but I enjoyed Möller’s film enough to give this one a try. And with a cast like that…

“The Guilty” premieres in select theaters September 24th and on Netflix October 1st. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

12 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Guilty”

  1. I saw trailers of the original and wasn’t compelled to see it. The plot isn’t compelling to me but Jake is always a draw. I might check it out since it’s on netflix.

  2. I’ll give this a chance because of Jake Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal only. I don’t trust Fuqua to make something totally compelling anymore. The Danish version is where it’s at though. I was blown away by how they managed to wring so much tension out of a bare bones plot and using bare bones materials

      • Do you feel like he’s going to, I don’t know, Action-ify it? Make the whole thing just louder? American remakes often kinda skimp on the subtlety.

      • I dunno. He does stick close to Gyllenhaal and that dispatch center setting. I’m guessing he’s staying with the original vision. Now whether he’s able to handle such a dramatically different style for him remains to be seen.

  3. OK, this does look interesting as I do like films with a minimalist present as it does bring some depth to the suspense. Plus, seeing Jake work with his brother-in-law again is cool.

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