First Glance: “C’mon C’mon”

California native Mike Mills returns with his first directed film since 2016’s “20th Century Women”. His latest is “C’mon C’mon”, an A24 production that just had its world premiere at the Telluride Film Festival. The film sees Joaquin Phoenix plowing some fascinating new ground and taking a break from such dark and intense movies as “Joker” and “You Were Never Really There”. The first trailer looks great and hit me right in the feels.

Shot in exquisite black-and-white, our brief 1 minute 26 second peer into Mills’ new film sees Phoenix’s character reading a book to his nephew. As he reads we’re treated to a collage of images speaking to the young boy’s life and the relationship he forms with his uncle. There’s an incredibly tender thread that runs through the entire thing. If the movie as a whole has the same heartfelt connection I can see it resonating with me in a big way. Can’t wait to find out.

“C’mon C’mon” is still listed as coming soon, but it should release later this year. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

17 thoughts on “First Glance: “C’mon C’mon”

  1. The idea of seeing Joaquin in a “normal” and nurturing role is most heartening. I think this movie is going to need a whole box of kleenex. I love the look of it and yes, the b&w looks real nice. Those trees at the end, wow.

  2. This looks great as I love all of Mike Mills’ film as this looks really beautiful and heartfelt as it’s going to move me since I am an uncle to a 2-year old kid and a 6-month old niece.

  3. Loved loved 20th Century Women. I feel like that movie was considerably underrated and under-watched. Annette Benning is always great. This too looks terrific. And, yes, good to see Phoenix working on something possibly lighter than some of his recent dramas.

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