First Glance: “Avatar: The Way of Water” Teaser

It has been 13 years since James Cameron’s “Avatar” hit theaters, shattering box office records and ushering in a 3-D craze that (thankfully) has died off. The story of “Avatar” was essentially an overly preachy “Dances with Wolves” rip-off. But technically the movie was an eye-popping wonder and unlike anything moviegoers had ever seen. And it utilized 3-D in a way that no other movie after it could ever do.

Following numerous delays, many were wondering if the rumored “Avatar” sequel would ever see the light of day. Well, it most certainly is and we actually have the first teaser. There’s not much there in terms of story. We do know it’s set a decade after the first film and it revolves around Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) protecting their family from a new evil on Pandora. But this teaser is all about the visuals and it looks stunning. You could say it looks more like a PC graphics card demo than an actual movie. But I’m sure we’ll see more soon.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” hits theaters December 16th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

20 thoughts on “First Glance: “Avatar: The Way of Water” Teaser

  1. I loved the first one, and I will be seeing this one. I wonder how Sam Worthington will be in this one beyond a voice as isn’t he permanently in that body now? I guess it will be revealed as to how.

  2. I agree with your take on the first one – I wasn’t overly impressed with the story but the visual effects were stunning. I’ll probably see this one.

  3. I’m definitely checking this out. Never bet against James Cameron. The director takes big swings that pay big dividends. Everyone thought the first Avatar would be disaster, and it became the highest grossing film. Ditto for Titanic, and that includes the Oscar for best picture.

  4. I did like Avatar though yes, the story wasn’t that great as it was just kind of a live version of Ferngully (remember that piece of shit movie?) though it did have great visuals (the only 3D film I had ever seen and never will 3D ever again). I’m iffy on this as I just hope there’s a strong story. If it’s the fucking same then fuck off. I hope that it won’t involve any of that high-frame rate bullshit that Ang Lee had been experimenting with.

    • I desperately hope the story is better. And while I’m certain it will be beautiful. I do worry that it might have that high-frame rate gloss you’re talking about. I’m sure we will be seeing a lot more soon.

  5. I am looking forward to this one. The plot was anything but unique but the visuals were amazing and for me it did a great job of submerging me in the world that was created. Not many can do that, and none have until See and Foundation on Apple TV.

      • If you enjoy science fiction then I highly recommend both. So far I’ve not talked to anyone that has seen them and not believed they are the best shows they have ever seen. Unless you’re familiar with the Foundation novels (I recommend those too) the first couple of episodes are difficult to follow but after that it all comes together. The world in Foundation is huge, with populations in the trillions, cities in the billions, and spans tens of thousands of years. They do an excellent job of making you feel like you’re there seeing it all. And See, I’ve never seen anything like it, no pun intended. The premise is somewhat silly but they make it believable and the characters are interesting and difficult not to get engrossed with them. Just the queen’s voice and pitch will give you nightmares.

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