First Glance: “The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”

I’m a little late getting to this, but last week Marvel Studios dropped the first trailer for the upcoming third installment in their “The Guardians of the Galaxy” branch of the MCU. I’ve enjoyed the “Guardians” films, but I’ve never considered them top-tier MCU. The films are full of fun characters, but the hit-and-miss goofiness along with some pretty bland villains have held them back. Still, director James Gunn finds ways to make things entertaining.

His third chapter sees the Guardians at a pretty low point. It’s especially true for Peter (Chris Pratt) who’s still struggling with the loss of his Gamora. But this is a James Gunn movie so you know things aren’t going to stay somber for very long. In fact we get several good laughs in the trailer that fit nicely with the goofy tone of the previous films. But we also get glimpses that make us wonder if we’re in for some heartbreak. Time will tell. I’m pretty interested in seeing where this third (and possibly final) “Guardians” movie goes.

“The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” opens May 5, 2023. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

14 thoughts on “First Glance: “The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”

  1. I’m really eager for this one. Especially in light of what happened at the Holiday Special as there is a new member to the team in Cosmo the Space Dog, voiced by Maria Bakalova, who is going to be a key player though I’m not going to be ready on who will die.

  2. I’m definitely there opening weekend. I loved the Holiday special that hints at some potential plot points. What can I say? I adore these wacky and weird characters and the colorful universe they inhabit. And this will be director James Gunn’s swan song to the MCU as he becomes the creative director at DC/Warner Bros. I’m curious how Gunn will handle the more somber and serious DC films. I wasn’t a big fan of his Suicide Squad sequel.

  3. These movies really connected with me and have felt they had more heart than 90% of the MCU. Ive enjoyed the quirkiness and the characterers . So I’ll be very interested in seeing how Gunn wraps up this trilogy.

  4. I’ll be there when it opens. Funny, but before the first Guardians opened I wasn’t so sure at all I’d like them. As it turned out, their two franchise films are among the MCU’s finest. Gunn did an outstanding job with them. The dude even got me to like Peacemaker over on the DC side of the ledger. One of the very best series I saw this year.

    • It’s interesting, for me a little James Gunn goes a long way. I haven’t really gotten into the Peacemaker series. I tried, but his mix of brash goofiness and action only works for me in measured doses. Hearing good things though.

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