The much-delayed Flash movie and its troubled star have been the subject of a lot of chatter. But now it’s finally getting released and the first full trailer dropped just before the Super Bowl. To say they needed to make a splash is an understatement. Well, they most certainly did. The new trailer for “The Flash” had a little something for everyone – Flash fans, Snyder fans, new fans, and even some super excited ‘old fans’ which I’m happy to be a part of.

You could make the claim that the trailer shows off a little too much. But at the same time, the movie definitely needed a spark of excitement. The new trailer absolutely provides that. Not only do we get the setup for their spin on “Flashpoint”, but we also get the much-anticipated reveal of Michael Keaton back as Batman! I won’t spoil all the other appearances and surprises, but the trailer is packed with cheer-worthy moments. They wanted to get people excited? Well it certainly worked for me.

“The Flash” speeds into theaters on June 16th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

9 thoughts on “FIRST GLANCE: “The Flash”

  1. If I’m being truthful, I was always on the fence about this movie, concerning Ezra Miller’s behavior as of late. But when James Gunn says that it’s one of the best DC movies out there, my curiosity got piqued. After watching this trailer: I can’t wait for this, because they’re using this movie to close the book on the Snyderverse, as they probably should. Seeing Michael Keaton as Batman again saying, “I’m Batman,” pushed this movie over to must-see. Bringing back Ben Affleck and Michael Shannon as Zod? WHAT?! I want to see what they do with Supergirl, though. We haven’t a good movie with Supergirl…ever, as much as I love the Helen Slater flick. But after seeing this last night, I decided to watch Batman ’89 again, and I love it. So, yeah, I’m excited for this one.

    • I was pretty lukewarm as well, but seeing the trailer really fired me up. As someone who loves the SnyderVerse and who hates that it’ll never get its proper conclusion, this could potentially be a cool way of shifting gears. The Flashpoint vibes are interesting and certainly lean that way.

  2. There’s 2 reasons why I want to see this. One is Supergirl as she’s fucking hot and a fucking badass. Fuck yeah I’d let her do bad things to me.

    Number 2: MICHAEL FUCKING KEATON AS BATMAN MOTHERFUCKER!!!!! “I’m Batman motherfucker!” Jon Peters wanted that line in the 1989 movie but studio executives and MPAA were like “NO!” Could you imagine the reaction in the movie theaters at that time. I would’ve been 8 years old when the movie came out though it wouldn’t be the first time I would hear the word “motherfucker” as my parents were watching a lot of R-rated films back then but mostly comedies with Eddie Murphy and Chevy Chase back in the day.

    Still, I’m on the fence about this because of Ezra Miller as while he is a talented actor and I do like his work. The shit he’s done off-screen and such has made him trouble yet I’m pissed off at the people at Warner-Discovery for allowing him to continue to work yet didn’t allow Jay and Mark Briscoe to be on AEW programming all because of a bunch of stupid shit Jay said years ago that he apologized for. Fucking hypocrites.

    • To be fair, the old regime at WB was responsible for…the lack of action against Miller. We are not going to see Miller play The Flash ever again after this movie, regardless of how successful it is. James Gunn and Peter Safran would have to be incredibly stupid to keep him on as Barry Allen. That said, I’m willing to give the movie a shot.

      • I was hoping they put Grant Gustin instead as I saw a bit of his approach to the role as I would’ve put him as Barry Allen instead. Let’s hope they make him Allen in the new slate after this.

  3. I think the new DCU will be in very good hands with James Gunn and Peter Safran. This movie comes before their leadership, so after this release it will be interesting to see how much of what we see here will actually “carry on.” I do agree it is very, very questionable Gunn and Safran will retain Ezra Miller’s services after this film, so that’s another oddity surrounding this movie’s release. That being said, even if this is a stand-alone film with no future ramifications for the DCU, I am very hopeful it will be as action-packed as the trailer. I also would be thrilled if post-release, Grant Gustin is asked to take the title role after closing out his time as The Flash on The CW.

    • I’m a little more skeptical of Gunn, but I’m willing to give him a shot. As a big fan of the SnyderVerse I’m just glad to get these characters. And Flashpoint oils be such a cool way to transition. But who knows.

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