“Fast X” Speeds to the Top of the Weekend Box Office

“Fast X”, the 10th entry in the high-octane and gleefully over-the-top Fast & Furious franchise, opened to a rock-solid $319 million opening weekend. The Universal Pictures powerhouse knocked “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” out of the top spot thanks to its fiercely loyal following and a vigorous promotional campaign. It marks the second largest opening weekend globally of 2023 only behind the still-going “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”.

Directed by Louis Leterrier and featuring a massive cast of well-known names, “Fast X” didn’t exactly break records on the domestic front. It earned a decent $67.5 million in the United States which puts it seventh among the franchise’s opening weekend numbers. But it exploded globally with $251 million, making it the third best worldwide opening for a Fast & Furious movie and the top opening of 2023 so far.

The franchise’s global appeal makes sense as the movies feature a diverse cast and extends to locations all around the world. “Fast X” is set up to be the first of three movies that will bring the lucrative series to its action-packed finish. You can bet Universal will be watching its numbers closely.

Among the holdovers “Guardians 3” fell just 47% to bring in another $32.8 million. That brings its three-week total to $659 million worldwide – impressive, but a ways from matching its two predecessors. In its seventh week “The Super Mario Bros. Movie” still proves to have legs, crossing $1.248 billion and now sitting as the third biggest animated feature of all-time. “Book Club: The Next Chapter” fell off pretty dramatically in its second week and now sits at $13.1 million while “Evil Dead Rise” pushes its five-week total to $140 million globally.

Read my full review of “Fast X” HERE.

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