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The Movie Bloggers Roundtable is a new feature where I join up with four esteemed movie bloggers and we share our thoughts on a certain subject. Everyone on the panel will share their thoughts and feelings on the topic of the day and then we share them with you. The panel may change from post to post and hopefully we will get a wide range of opinions and perspectives.

With the Oscar ceremony set for tomorrow night tons of conversations are swirling about the nominees and potential winners. Today we are going to chime in on the big prize – Best Picture. Joining this roundtable is Mark from Marked Movies, Ruth from Flixchatter, Chris from Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coup, and Sati from Cinematic Corner. I can say without hesitation that I LOVE THESE BLOGGERS. If you haven’t visited their sites you should! So here is today’s Oscar-centered question:

Who WILL win this year’s Oscar for Best Picture and who SHOULD win it?


Keith (Keith & the Movies)

Who SHOULD win Best Picture:
For me this is an easy one to answer. Alfonso Cuaron’s “Gravity” was one of the most captivating and thrilling motion picture experiences I’ve had in a while. The visual artistry on display is unquestionable. Cuaron and his amazing team have created one of the most stunning and stimulating canvases you’ll ever see. But there’s also a stirring story of perseverance and personal rebirth that I found so satisfying. I’ve seen “Gravity” four times and each time I’ve left with a full heart and a full appreciation for Cuaron’s amazing accomplishment. It deserves to win Best Picture.

Who WILL win Best Picture:
While we may have a good race going for the Best Picture Oscar, there’s one film in the running that seems perfectly in line with what the Academy loves. It’s a historical piece, it deals with an emotionally charged subject, and its been a hot topic since its debut. I’m talking about “12 Years a Slave” and I believe it will win the big prize. Thankfully “12 Years” is a really good film. It’s not getting Oscar hype just because of the subject matter. It’s very well-made and it features some breathtaking performances. It’s not perfect, but it’s right up Oscar’s alley and I think it will hold off its competition.

Ruth (Flixchatter)

Who SHOULD win Best Picture:
Gravity. On top of being a technical marvel, it’s a film unlike any other in that it gives you a full immersive experience as you watch it. It’s got drama, suspense, humor, and despite being set entirely in space, an organic quality that’s stirring and emotionally gratifying. It’s a film that will be talked about for years to come, both by film students and casual moviegoers.

Who WILL win Best Picture:
12 Years A Slave. No doubt it’s one of those important films of the decade and made by a filmmaker who’s been a critical darling despite this being only his third feature. Its genre and subject matter of slavery is quite popular in the Academy, and it’s been gaining traction in other award circles.

Mark (Marked Movies)

Who SHOULD win Best Picture:
In what is one of the most hotly contested Oscar races in quite some time, it’s a tough call to predict which film will walk away with the coveted Best Picture award. Frankly, I find it shocking that the Coen brothers’ “Inside Llewyn Davis” never even received a nomination but again, it shows the strength of the competition this year. Personally, I think Spike Jonze’s “Her” should win as it would confirm the academy’s appreciation and support for original filmmaking. I don’t think there’s a more original movie amongst the nominees this year and “Her” certainly stands out on its own terms. That’s being said, it won’t win.

Who WILL win Best Picture:
In choosing the winner I think the academy will be deciding on the importance of the film itself and for that reason it’ll come down to two films; One will be “Gravity” for its astounding achievements and advancements on the use of 3-D but I think that will most likely be recognised in the technical departments, leaving the likes of “12 Years A Slave” to walk away victorious with the big award. The academy seem to love a solid historical drama and Steve McQueen’s film has that edge of quality and importance that will sway the voters’ decision.

Sati (Cinematic Corner)

Who SHOULD win Best Picture:
Gravity. Cuaron’s film is beautiful in every way – a technical marvel with an elegant story that makes the movie so timeless and relatable. It is a wonder and the one that has a heart.

Who WILL win Best Picture:
12 Years a Slave. The Academy loves movies about history, filled with emotional moments. And everyone during this Oscar season seem a bit too afraid to reward something other than ‘the most realistic movie about slavery ever made’.

Chris (Terry Malloy’s Pigeon Coup)

Who SHOULD win Best Picture:
It’s a pretty strong year this year and I don’t think you could begrudge any of the films a win to be honest. Each brings plenty to the table and are all well worth your time. I went back and forth between a few of them as to which I thought should win and I finally decided on Gravity.

I still think it has its problems – The script is dodgy and George Clooney thinks he’s still in a coffee advert, but it’s a film that makes you realise why you love the cinema. It’s one of the most immersive cinematic experiences I’ve ever had and actually makes good use of 3D. Any film that does that deserves to win in my eyes!

Who WILL win Best Picture:
Although there has been talk of American Hustle and Dallas Buyers Club being dark horses for the award, I see it as a straight fight between 12 Years a Slave and Gravity. These were the two cinematic juggernauts towards the back end of 2013/start of 2014 and I’d be very surprised if one of the others won.

It’s difficult to separate them but I think 12 Years a Slave is just going to nick it. It just fits the bill. The setting, the subject matter, the strong performances, the great directing; it’s the kind of thing the Academy normally laps up, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest to see Steve McQueen picking up the well deserved Oscar.

So what is the consensus?

4 of 5 believe “Gravity” SHOULD win Best Picture


A unanimous 5 of 5 believe “12 Years a Slave” WILL win Best Picture

12 years BANNER

I want to thank Ruth, Mark, Sati, and Chris for participating in this inaugural Movie Bloggers Roundtable. You have heard our thoughts, now we want to hear yours. Do you like the feature? More importantly, who do you think SHOULD win Best Picture and who WILL win Best Picture. Please share you thoughts in the comments section below.