One of the more interesting bits of news from the world of movies came in the form of an advertisement for “The David 8“. Released as a promotion for Ridley Scott’s upcoming sci-fi film “Prometheus”, “The David 8” clip introduces us to the artificial life form played in the movie by Michael Fassbender. It’s a quirky and at times eerie clip in the form of a television commercial that promotes this next generation model of synthetics. “The David 8” clip is very well made and hopefully this is just the first in a series of cool promotions that we can expect from this still mysterious film.

Another really cool clip that came out this week was from Marvel’s “The Avengers”. Simply called “The Avengers/Clip #5“, it may be the coolest yet. In it we see Thor (Chris Hemsworth) squaring off against Iron Man (Robert Downey, Jr). Why are these two heroes fighting? My guess is the clip is showing the initial dysfunction of the team before the obvious team-up to save the world. Or it could be a simple training exercise. Whatever it is, all I know is that “The Avengers/Clip #5” is really, really cool.


  • “CHIMPANZEE” (G) – Family/Documentary
  • “THE LUCKY ONE” (PG-13) – Romance (allegedly)
  • “THINK LIKE A MAN” (PG-13) – Comedy

*Sounds like a good weekend to catch up on my DVD/Blu-Ray watching