THE THROWDOWN: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones

Wednesday is throwdown day at Keith & the Movies. It’s when we take two movie subjects and pit them against each other and see who’s left standing. Each Wednesday we’ll look at actors, actresses, movies, genres, scenes, and much more and see how they stand up one-on-one. And it’s not just my opinion that counts. I’ll share my take and then open up the polls to you. Visit each week for a new throwdown. Vote each week to decide the true winner!

Harrison Ford has the honor of being the centerpiece of the very first Keith & the Movies Throwdown. This week it’s Ford’s two most iconic roles putting on the gloves and duking it out. It’s the scoundrel turned hero of the Star Wars universe Han Solo taking on everyone’s favorite whip-weilding archeologist Indiana Jones.


Harrison Ford really took off in the 8o’s mainly thanks to two fantastic roles that were a part of two fantastic franchises. Han Solo was and is my favorite Star Wars character. Ford’s cocky and wisecracking smuggler was compelling from the first moment you see him onscreen. He has many memorable moments with his furry best friend Chewbacca and his relationship with Princess Leia provides some romance as well as some of the series’ funniest scenes. But Han doesn’t just talk the tough talk, he walks it too and a case could be made that his story of redemption is one of the most intriguing of the franchise.

Then you have the great Indiana Jones, an archeologist with a snapping whip and a knack for ticking off Nazis and cultists. Indy crosses the globe in search of some of the biggest treasures all while finding himself in some of the stickiest situations. But like a true action hero, he gets out of his predicaments through some of the wildest means. With the exception of the most recent Indiana Jones picture, these moves were filled with cool action and some great humor and I still get giddy whenever I see Indy in a pit full of snakes, holding on to a collapsing swinging bridge, or running from a giant boulder.

There are your choices. Now it’s time for you to vote. Both are characters that I have affection for going all the way back to my youth. So now I place them in your hands. Cast your vote and share your thoughts. Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

24 thoughts on “THE THROWDOWN: Han Solo vs. Indiana Jones

    • It’s a lot harder for me mainly because both characters were huge part of my youth years. I love Indiana Jones and I can see where he can be considered the more iconic. I went with Solo. The deciding factor for me was measuring the two franchises in a variety of ways. Still not certain if Solo was the right pick though…lol.

  1. AHHHH! This is hard! Nice opener to this weekly battle!

    Okay. Both iconic. Both awesome. Both the object of youthful crushes.

    But, I went with Han. Why? Because he kind of took the anti-hero standard and brought it to the next level and in turn paved the way for Indy. C’mon…the “I know” reply alone earns him major points. I love that scoundrel!

    And plus, would we have loved Indy as much if weren’t for the fact that it was really Han all along?? 😀

    • Thanks dude. Hopefully this will spark enough interest so that I’ll keep doing it. I’m so connected to these two characters that I thought it would be a cool way to start it!

  2. I’m not a big Star Wars fan so Indy all the way!! I just LOVE that character. The look, the deadpan humor, and all his fun adventures. The Last Crusade is my fave of the trilogy, I’d like to forget the fourth one though 🙂

  3. I went with Indy. Han is definitely my favorite thing about Star Wars, but I think the Indiana Jones series is much better. I don’t really want to be a intergalactic smuggler, but I wouldn’t mind it if I was a globe-trotting archeologist/college professor who fights Nazis.

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