THE THROWDOWN: “Annie Hall” vs. “Midnight in Paris”

Wednesday is Throwdown day at Keith & the Movies. It’s when we take two movie subjects, pit them against each other, and see who’s left standing. Each Wednesday we’ll look at actors, actresses, movies, genres, scenes, and more. I’ll make a case for each and then see how they stand up one-on-one. And it’s not just my opinion that counts. I’ll share my take and then open up the polls to you. Visit each week for a new Throwdown. Vote each week to decide the true winner!

*Last week Schwarzenegger (53%) out-muscled Stallone (47%) in our action icon Throwdown*

This week we move about as far away from the previous week as humanly possible. It’s old Woody versus new Woody in a Woody Allen Throwdown! When you see a Woody Allen film you know it’s a Woody Allen film. Yet in some ways his approach to filmmaking has changed over the past few years. So I thought it would be fun to pit what many view as a romantic comedy masterpiece in “Annie Hall” against Allen’s more recent and widely popular “Midnight in Paris”. These movies are wildly different yet each look and feel like a Woody Allen picture. So enough of the buildup. It’s old Woody Allen against new Woody Allen. It’s New York against Paris. It’s the Throwdown and your votes decide the winner.


In 1977, Woody Allen released “Annie Hall”, a movie that some have called the quintessential romantic comedy. Allen’s quick wit is never more evident than in the lightning fast and razor-sharp dialogue from the script he wrote about an eccentric New Yorker and his quirky perception of love and relationships. Diane Keaton won an Oscar for her role as Annie, a woman who ended her relationship with Allen’s character a year earlier. Allen spends the film lamenting his lost relationship and then moving on with his life. But can he ever really get Annie out of his mind? “Annie Hall” received three other Oscars including Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. While I’m on record as saying I’m not the biggest fan of “Annie Hall”, it’s a movie that is loved by many.

In 2011, Woody Allen’s European tour stopped in The City of Light, Paris, France. “Midnight in Paris” is Allen’s love letter to the city, its beauty, and its history. Owen Wilson is fantastic as Gil Pender, a hack writer who believes he was meant to live in Paris during the 1920s. Allen shows us the magic of the city now and takes us back to the days of Hemingway, Picasso, and the Fitzgeralds. It features an incredible supporting cast highlighted by Tom Hiddleston and Corey Stoll as well as beautiful cinematography in some if Paris’ most glorious locations. This is a step outside of the box for Allen. More importantly, it’s a wonderfully romantic film that gives the most lovely look at one of the world’s greatest city. Allen won an Oscar for the screenplay and I can say without hesitation he certainly deserved it.

So is it Allen’s Best Picture winner “Annie Hall” or his love letter to the City of Light “Midnight in Paris”? I’ve got a clear favorite between the two. Do you? Your votes decide the winner. Click below and vote NOW!

18 thoughts on “THE THROWDOWN: “Annie Hall” vs. “Midnight in Paris”

  1. This one is too easy for me, since I really didn’t like Annie Hall at all and didn’t understand why it has received so much praise. Midnight in Paris for me!

    • You’re not alone when it comes to that take on “Annie Hall”. For me it was a movie that just grew old as it went on. I laughed several times but it eventually became tedious for me as Allen’s character basically did the same thing throughout. I think I’m in the minority here though.

  2. I haven’t seen Annie Hall yet but I’m not fond of Woody as an actor, his acting style just doesn’t jibe with me. I do adore Midnight in Paris though, perhaps my fave of his films of the ones I’ve seen.

    • We are in the same boat when it comes to Woody Allen. I’m just not a big fan. But I never get tired of “Midnight in Paris”. And my recent visit to the city made me connect to his movie even more.

  3. I thought Midnight in Paris was Allen’s best film in years. The fantastic device of traveling from period to period with new and exciting literary characters was a blast. Also, the whole theme of dissatisfaction with whatever is in front of you seemed to give heft to the story. Annie Hall on the other hand, is all about character not really about plot. It is a film that is in color but feels like a black and white classic. There is so much more focus on the two characters and the way their lives come together and then come apart. I remember laughing at things in Midnight in Paris but I don’t really remember what any of those things were. Annie Hall on the other hand, I remember every laugh and most of the smiles. The bittersweet lost love lingers more. It “feels”, and that is what a movie needs to do for me more than anything.

    • Great comments! You know you encapsulated my feelings towards the two movies as well. The only difference is that I feel about Midnight in Paris The way you do about Annie Hall. I do have several specific moments in Midnight that I laughed and laughed at. On the flipside I can only remember laughing at some of Allen’s quips in Annie Hall. Yet I know it’s a classic and I’m in the minority when it comes to it

    • Thanks a lot for voting. I figured Annie Hall would have a good showing. It just never resonated with me. But you are right, It’s a highly influential film. Oh and thanks for posting the link to your review. I definitely want to check it out.

  4. I think both are fantastic, but I’m going to give the edge to MIP. It’s been a long time since I saw Annie Hall and Midnight is fresher in my mind. I just fell in love with that one and it became my favorite movie of 2011.

  5. Annie Hall for me. I enjoyed Midnight in Paris but AH is a classic and it stars Allen – his movies are the funniest when he is in front of the camera.

    • Annie Hall remains the most popular choice. I really wish I did appreciate it more. It’s not that I think it’s a bad movie. It just wore on me the longer it went. But as I’ve said, I realize I’m in the minority. Thanks for voting!

    • LOL! I’m on record as stating that
      I’m no Woody Allen fan. That’s what made Midnight in Paris such a surprise. I adore that movie. I can’t say the same for the much loved Annie Hall!

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