The Keith & the Movies Valhalla Induction – “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD”

The Keith & the Movies Valhalla is a place of tribute for those movies that I hold in the highest regard. These are films that embody everything that is great about motion pictures. These are the best of the best – movies that I truly love and that stand above the rest. There are many great movies that won’t find their way into these sacred halls. But here you will find those films that I believe personify brilliance in filmmaking, storytelling, and entertainment. These glorious 5 star accomplishments are worthy of special recognition as the very best. In other words, these are my favorite movies of all time.


NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (1969) – Few movies can say they forever changed a genre. George Romero’s zombie classic “Night of the Living Dead” is one of those films. Made with a miniscule budget and essentially a no-name cast, Romero managed to craft an exceptional horror film that still maintains it’s creepiness today. It develops an eerie atmosphere and tone thanks to the wonderful original black and white, the clever use of moody music and sound, and other chilling little details sprinkled throughout the film. It’s also credited with making zombies the craze they are today. This is a movie I love and for me it’s the greatest horror movie of all time.

Night of the Living Dead is the second inductee into the Keith & the Movies Valhalla. But there are more amazing movies to come in the near future so stay tuned. What are your thoughts on this horror movie classic? Is it worth the cult status it’s received or is it an overrated picture? You now know my opinion. It’s one of the very best. Take time to share your comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Keith & the Movies Valhalla Induction – “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD”

  1. Keith I was pretty shocked when the post was floating around that discussed important films people had not seen and Night of the Living Dead was on so many of the lists. What makes it even more strange is that this film is public domain so you can watch it for free.

    • This is mandatory viewing. There is so much craft in Romero’s approach despite his imitations in budget. I can watch it any day and still have the same reaction. It’s a true classic !

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