My Week-Long Celebration of “Casablanca”


I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and I know it is a bit indulgent, but next week Keith & the Movies will be all about the 1942 classic film “Casablanca”. I have an assortment of content written and arranged and it will begin Monday. Long time readers of Keith & the Movies probably know that “Casablanca” is my very favorite movie and I’m really anxious to spend some time on it. I really hope you all will forgive but enjoy my focus on what I feel is a truly timeless picture. Check back everyday and please share your thoughts on the content that is coming up.

12 thoughts on “My Week-Long Celebration of “Casablanca”

  1. Great idea, Keith! Looking forward to your material. Love this classic. So epic on so many levels. It’s not indulgent at all when it’s “Casablanca.”

  2. Oooh, awesome! I love this film, but haven’t got around to reviewing it so looking forward to it Keith. Right now I feel like blogging about Toby Stephens every day of the week, so I totally understand people wanting to indulge about their favorite things 😉

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