YOUR VOICES: On movie survival during a cataclysm…


Your Voices is a simple concept created to encourage conversation and opinions between movie lovers. It works like this: I throw out a certain topic and I’ll take time to make my case or share my opinions. It could be serious, relevant, or downright silly. Then it will be time for Your Voices. Head to the comments section and let fellow readers and moviegoers know your thoughts on the topic for that day!


Needless to say this YOUR VOICES definitely falls into the dumb, stupid fun category but in some weird way it struck me as interesting. Let me set the preposterous stage: Lets say that a huge cataclysmic world event has occurred. Lets say in order to survive you must leave the planet with a group of fellow bloggers…err survivors and you can only bring five DVDs or Blu-Rays from your collection. Sure it’s a ridiculous stipulation, but this is a pretty ridiculous post, right? So my question, which five do you bring?

For something so absurd, I have went back and forth on this. Only five DVDs or Blu-Rays which means they must be something near and dear to my heart. Movies that I want to see over and over. Movies that I want to preserve. How on the dearly departed earth do you narrow down such a thing? But such is the nature of the apocalypse so if the ship is about to depart, I would grab these five DVDs or Blu-Rays from my shelves:

Casablanca” (Blu-Ray) – I call it my favorite film ever made, and I watch it a couple of times every year. Of course it would have to come along with me.

“La Dolce Vita” (Criterion Collection Blu-Ray) – The visual artistry and unique narrative layers in Federico Fellini’s masterpiece never ceases to amaze me. I’m still reeling from my first few viewings.

“Night of the Living Dead” (DVD) – My affection and admiration for this small but influential 1968 horror classic knows no bounds.

No Country for Old Men” (Blu-Ray) – I have heralded this film as a modern classic ever since I first saw it. Nothing has changed over subsequent years.

The Empire Strikes Back” (DVD) – As a huge Star Wars fan how could I leave the planet without something to remember the franchise by. Plus it just may be the best sequel ever made.

There, I did it. So….did anyone pack a Blu-Ray player??? Now it is time for YOUR VOICES:

YOUR VOICES: What 5 DVDs or Blu-Rays would you take from your collection if fleeing from an impending worldwide cataclysmic doom?

So let Your Voices be heard. Sure this is a corny and goofy Your Voices but under the surface it does shed a little light on your movie tastes and the ones you hold dear to your heart. Please share Your Voices on today’s nutty question. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.


47 thoughts on “YOUR VOICES: On movie survival during a cataclysm…

    • Casablanca!!! Yes sir!

      A Hard Day’s Night? Very nice pick. And It’s a Wonderful Life is an absolute classic. I can’t imagine not seeing it every year. Great choice.

  1. Casablanca-Because everyone on the next world needs to know that love is sacrifice.

    Jaws-Because everyone needs something to be afraid of.

    Monty Python and the Holy Grail-We have to have something to laugh at, oh and to determine a basis for a system of government which does not rely on strange women lying in a pond distributing swords.

    American Graffiti-A wall to wall soundtrack of Rock and Roll. And a bit of small town history.

    Amadeus-A Wall to wall soundtrack of Classical music. And to try and learn what jealousy can do and genius can lift us to.

    • I love ’em. Casablanca appears yet again. Love seeing that. And Jaws is a great pick. I never get tired of it. And American Graffiti, a film that would undoubtedly make my father’s list if he were to make one.

  2. I could only fix my mind on carrying the DVD set of Three Colour series by Kieslowski, that I would never miss.

    For the rest, it would be very difficult for me to make a decision, so I would probably pick up any random DVDs from my collection. Mind you, my entire collection is very good.

  3. Ok…good question! I would probably take Pulp Fiction, GoodFellas, Dazed And Confused, Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Star Wars Episode IV. I don’t think they’re the five greatest movies ever but that’s probably the 5 I’ve watched the most number of times, and they stand up to repeated viewing (for me, anyway!)

    • Oh I do love Dazed and Confused. I swear I can watch it again and again. And you have no idea how hard it was for me to leave off Raiders. I have soooo much love for it. I remember leaving the theater during its original run and immediately wanting my parents to get me a brown hat and a bullwhip.

  4. Man… only 5!!

    10 Things I Hate About You
    Everything is Illuminated
    Breakfast at Tiffany’s
    Kill Bill vol 1
    Despicable Me

  5. Ahah, this is kind of like the ‘Desert Island’ blogathon I did a while back where we could only bring a handful of movies. Why am I not surprised that you’d take Casablanca 😉

    Well I think I’d bring these five:
    – Sense & Sensibility
    – Batman Begins
    – Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    – Return To Me
    – Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade

  6. I like this! Picking the 5 is really difficult…
    – Troll 2 (it’s the funniest film I’ve seen even if it’s not intentional)
    – Jurassic Park (because it’s bloody brilliant)
    – My Neighbour Totoro (For when I’m in a bad mood)
    – Hugo (similar reason to MNT really)
    – Labyrinth (same again)
    I’m set for bad days anyway!

    • Very nice! I’m a fan of Hugo and you can’t go wrong with Jurassic Park. I can’t help but love unintentional humor so I gotta check out Troll 2!

  7. Love this idea, but I have no idea…like, maybe:

    My Neighbor Totoro
    Jules et Jim
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    Lost in Translation

    but…maybe none of them…eek!

    • Jules et Jim??? Amen, amen amen! I absolutely love that movie. Even more I love hearing from others who love it. I did a review of it several weeks ago and I don’t think it got many views. But I wanted to get the word out about it. It needs to be seen.

  8. In the Loop, Snatch – they always make me laugh
    Stoker – for Matthew Goode needs 🙂
    Pulp Fiction and Casino – because they are crazy entertaining

  9. What a question Keith! I would have to take the films that are my absolute favourites, not just because they’re great but because of the nostalgia that they’re tied up with too:
    – Clueless
    – Labyrinth
    – Jason & The Argonauts
    – Rebecca
    – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

  10. Oh man…this is hard, Keith!
    Raiders of the Lost Ark
    The Thing
    The Empire Strikes Back
    The Godfather
    Sheesh, that wasn’t easy. Great post, bro! 🙂

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