5 Phenomenal Things About the New Star Wars Trailer

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Frequent readers of this little old site know that I am a diehard Star Wars fanboy. From my time as a kid seeing them during their original theatrical releases to the opportunities of sharing them with my own children, Star Wars has maintained a prominent spot in my life. So now we have new films on the way, a proposition that both excites me and concerns me. Either way there’s no way I’m going to miss them when they hit the big screen. 

There’s no way anyone could have missed the release of the new trailer last week and today I’m looking at five things about it that has me jazzed beyond words. Now obviously this is completely subjective, but I saw plenty that really has me anxious for December. Some may see things different, but there is no denying that these five “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer highlights are nothing short of phenomenal.

#5 – The New Stormtroopers


It has taken me several viewings to grow attached to the slight differences in the new stormtrooper helmets, but I can now say they look awesome. While nothing will ever replace the classics, these look really cool. But what is even more exciting is the story behind them. Who created them? Who amassed such a army? A new Empire is obviously brewing and it looks like the stormtroopers will be front and center again. I’m happy about that!

#4 – John Williams – ‘Nuff Said


When composer John Williams created the original Star Wars music I doubt he realized the impact his score would have on moviegoers. It has become some of the most exhilarating and recognizable movie music of all time. We immediately we get some of that John Williams magic in the new trailer and it carries on through the entirety. From the quiet familiar opening tune to the big and bold finale, Williams energizes the trailer and gets fans like me giddy with excitement.

#3 – Crashed Star Destroyer


Perhaps one of the coolest Star Wars images of all time (and yes, I know that is a bold statement). In the trailer’s opening sequence we get what looks like a speeder racing across the landscape of what is probably Tatooine. As the shot continues we see a huge Star Destroyer that has crashed onto the planet’s surface. We are led to believe that it has been there a while – a relic from a past war. The shot is incredible. The haze which gives the illusion of distance. The sand covering a portion of it. A tremendous way to start the trailer.

#2 – The Rise of a New Sith


I guess the big question is “Who is this guy”? Or who is to say it’s a guy? Whoever this masked, cloaked figure is the force is clearly strong with them and they appear to be in a position of power. And you can’t deny that they look extremely cool. In past films we have learned that there is always a Sith Master and a Sith Apprentice. Considering that, we have to ask…is this the master or the apprentice? Whichever, this is a character that is going to stir things up.

#1 – Han and Chewie


What a perfect way to end the trailer. The screen goes black and we hear that familiar Han Solo voice…”Chewie…”. Then we see them side by side as Han says “We’re home” and Chewie lets out a small but smile-inducing roar. Han has always been my favorite and seeing Harrison Ford back in that role was a thrill. Story wise I’m wondering where “home” is? And Chewbacca has his crossbow while Han has his blaster. Did they retake the Millenium Falcon from someone? Was it the Falcon that they considered “home”? I can’t wait to find out.

So there you have five phenomenal things about the new Star Wars trailer. I’m not sure if I will be able to wait until Christmas! So what are you thoughts on the trailer on the upcoming movie?

30 thoughts on “5 Phenomenal Things About the New Star Wars Trailer

  1. I share your excitement (and slight concern) my friend! I have to admit both trailers so far have really tickled my fancy but my jaw dropped when I saw that Star Destroyer. What an image. I also enjoyed seeing Vader’s crumpled helmet and that chrome-plated trooper. Very exciting.

    • The Chrome Trooper almost made the list. Looked freaking awesome. And what’s the deal with Vader’s helmet? Did someone discover it on Endor? Did Luke keep it after the ceremonial cremation? Or is it just an image to get us excited?

      • I’m also intrigued by the dialogue during that bit. “My father has it…” present tense. Is it Domnhall Gleeson’s character talking? (I’m assuming he’s Luke’s son, but I don’t think that has been confirmed.) Or is it Luke? It certainly sounds like Mark Hamill.

        So glad there’s nothing along the lines of ‘Dexter Jettster’ appearing in the trailers yet!

  2. Man, that was one of the best teasers ever. When I heard Han say “Chewie” and then shows him and Chewie as he says “we’re home”. I jumped up and down on my chair and screamed like a girl while I was crying with glee. The Force is strong again!

  3. I’m s-l-o-w-l-y getting more excited for this one Keith. But my hubby can’t wait to see this. We might revisit 4,5, 6 sometime before this one comes out.

    • I’m insanely pumped for it (as you probably could have gathered from the post ;). There are concerns and I hope they don’t drop the ball.

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  5. wow. i really cant wait for this one. the teaser was amazing and I loved the 5 things you mentioned. the star destroyer was also something i noticed right away and all the questions kept popping up in my head while watching it the first time (and subsequent times)

  6. The trailers do look great! I am just hoping that they deliver with the movies. However, I have faith in JJ Abrams. The man just gets the sci-fi thing!

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