First Glance: “Hobbs and Shaw” Trailer


With eight movies in the bag and over $5 billion in the bank I think it’s safe to say that the Fast and Furious franchise has been a huge (and probably unexpected) success. So in normal Hollywood fashion you gotta gave a spin-off, right?

The first of probably several offshoot films dropped its first trailer and lets just say it looks to be fully embracing the outrageous action and overall absurdity the series has become known for. That’s a good thing. “Hobbs and Shaw” thrusts Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham into the spotlight and there looks to be no shortage of big set pieces and goofy humor. Oh, and Idris Elba as the baddie? I’m in.

“Hobbs and Shaw” lands August 2nd. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing this sure-fire box office hit.


16 thoughts on “First Glance: “Hobbs and Shaw” Trailer

  1. This looks like fun. Plus, the usage of “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” is hilarious.

    I still haven’t seen Vice but I heard about the end credits where a couple of people just wanted to see Fast & Furious and they got mocked for it.

    What’s wrong with wanting to see another Fast & Furious film? Hey, if it keeps getting people entertained and do some silly-ass stunts that can wow people? What is there to complain? It may not be “high-art” cinema to the snobs but I’ll take that shit over all of those other lame-franchises that never delivers.

    • That’s my approach as well. People can gripe all they want, but these movies NEVER pretend to be something they’re not. They are VERY open about being goofy, over-the-top fun. Sometimes that is exactly what I want in a movie.

      • I know. Sometimes, I just want to turn my brain off and have some fun. It took me a while to really get into the Fast & Furious films as I thought they were OK but once Fast Five came out and that crazy-ass stunt with the car, train bridge, and cliff. HOLY SHIT! They just won me over and I had to do some re-watching and realize…. “they’re smarter than I am in what they’re doing and… I’m liking it”.

  2. This looks like a pure popcorn flick . I can’t say I’m a Fast an d Furious fan at all , not because of the premise , I just really do not like Van Diesal’s acting or in my mind , lack there of . But this movie , adding Elba in as the bad guy , yep it looks very cool.

  3. I will end up seeing this although with much lesser expectations. Do you think that Vin Diesel carries the whole point of the franchise? i thought part 1 made him an interesting central character. if Diesel wasn’t casted, wonder if this franchise would have grown the way it has. Walker(Rip) was also great in part 1.

    • Good question. It’s funny, I wasn’t high on the franchise until “Fast Five”. That’s when they stepped a little bit away from the underground car culture and into full-blown over-the-top action. That’s the one that really got me onboard.

      • I liked part 1 a lot in the same reason but to lesser degree, as Point Break. A cop who is eventually going make a very difficult choice of which side to be on. the action offcourse mattered. but the performances really worked in an interesting way I thought. Fast Five is my next favorite although it seems to exist in an alternate universe to part one because of all the full blown action like you mentioned. A fun popcorn movie franchise.

      • Fast Five definitely feels like a much different film altogether. You’re right though. The first film was good. I really liked the Walker/Diesel dynamic there.

  4. I’m in! Although I do miss Toretto and his crew already. Vin Diesel brought Dwayne Johnson into the franchise in Fast Five at the request of the fans. Here we are just a few years later and Johnson has finessed his own series without Diesel that we KNOW he will capitalize on for as long as possible LOL Now that’s showbiz! Universal saw the potential $$$$ there and just couldn’t resist.

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