First Glance: “Antlers”


The new supernatural horror film “Antlers” is sure to draw most people’s attention by having Guillermo del Toro’s name attached. Me, I’m more excited to see Scott Cooper directing it. Cooper’s last film “Hostiles” was an underrated and surprisingly deep western. The new trailer for “Antlers” shows him going in a MUCH different direction.

The spooky trailer sets an interesting stage. Keri Russell plays a teacher troubled by the potentially dangerous home environment for one of her students. She convinces her brother and town sheriff (played by Jesse Plemons) to help her investigate. If the trailer is a reflection of what they find, let’s just say it looks to be both gruesome and terrifying.

“Antlers” is set to hit theaters in early 2020. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

22 thoughts on “First Glance: “Antlers”

      • Oh I reviewed that! It’s a weird but entertaining thing. One-half WW2 military thriller, one-half…(ahem)…zombie horror.

      • Well I’ve never laughed so much at a ‘horror’ movie before! A spurious plot, cliche characters, high school grade acting but the make up was great and the explosions so all was not lost. This was hubby’s choice for ‘grim night’ movie night, which usually consists of harrowing war movies (he thought this would be too 🤣🤣) so that made it even funnier to me!

  1. I really hate it when movies are marketed with producers name. That just means they gave some money. Nolan is stained forever by being assossiated with Man of Steel but he also actually suggested Snyder for the job in what I can only assume was a sabotage somehow paid by Marvel 😂

  2. now THAT is how to make a trailer!! no spoilers, not even a clear picture of what its about. But I watched it and instantly want to see it… Not to mention the other one you mentioned, Hostiles, as I’ve never heard of this director.

    More movies you have brought to my attention. Cheers mate!

      • i’ve added to the ever-growing watchlist =] tho I have bumped it near the top cos it just sounds great, and I usually agree with your reviews =] I like Bale too, he has anchored countless films now and with such variety too. And he doesn’t seem to toot his own horn either

      • heh… I’m a dirty pirate unfortunately, I’ve downloaded it already haha. I do own a shitload of blurays and DVDs and even a few 4K releases, but money is severely limited atm =/ I am able to use my sisters netflix account, but I like having a copy I can watch anywhere or if the net is out, Not to mention our internet can’t stream high quality stuff anyways. Hahaha this country is so backwards!

      • Haha mate, almost everything that isn’t huge doesn’t play anywhere in my city, supposedly the capital of my shitty state. Plus we aren’t one of the Eastern States (I think Melbourne or Sydney are the most well known Aussie cities aboard, but I wouldn’t know!), they all get a lot more films than we do. Its a bit like you’re saying, a smaller market, but its an entire state getting snubbed haha!
        I love to see everything I can on the big screen tho

        btw I’m ignorant and also horrid with names – is Cooper a big name?

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