First Glance: “Fast & Furious 9”


I feel I say this every time, but it blows my mind that the Fast & Furious movies make up one of the most popular and profitable franchises in existence today. With a total of ten films (so far) and a combined gross of over $5 billion, it’s easily Universal’s biggest franchise. It begs the question, how long can the series keep its head of steam? Well, if the trailer for the latest film is any indication, they still have a lot left in the tank.

“Fast & Furious 9” or “F9” or “F9: The Fast Saga”, whatever they want us to call it, has finally dropped it’s much anticipated first trailer. It’s a solid four minutes of familiar faces, a big new baddie, ridiculously over-the-top car chases, and an interesting surprise at the end. Ultimately it looks like F9 is sticking close to their proven formula which should make franchise fans really happy.

“Fast & Furious 9” is set to hit theaters May 22nd. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

31 thoughts on “First Glance: “Fast & Furious 9”

  1. That whole Tarzan thing is ridiculous and insane yet that is why I love the franchise because it’s not afraid of being ridiculous and not taking itself seriously. And I was someone who wasn’t fond of the franchise at first until Fast Five as that was the film that proved me wrong on not just the entire series but its whole mentality in terms of just being entertainment but with a rich and diverse ensemble.

    • Your history with this franchise is a carbon copy of mine. The fifth movie completely changed my thoughts on it. They are absolutely nuts, but if they ever tried to take themselves seriously it would completely fall apart.

  2. I don’t mind mindless big ,cheesy over the top action but this franchise I’ve never got at all. I’ve tried numerous times to watch one as they came on streaming services but man , I just can’t get through it . I think for me a huge part is Van Diesel , whom I really find dreadful . But to each their own . The action sequences are crazy and cool cars . So if its your bag , enjoy .

    • For me it’s all about big dumb fun. These things are high in action and low on brains for sure. But I tend to appreciate how they embrace the nuttiness. These movies never get really high scores from me, but I have to admit to enjoying them for what they are.

      • Totally get it . We all need that movie or franchise that just makes us check our brain at the door , grab the popcorn and large drink and escape into the crazy fun zone .

      • I will say this, I get a little frustrated at those movies because they really do push the PG-13 boundaries (often pointlessly). I’ve had to tell me kids more than once “sorry, can’t let you see this one.”

  3. Why they had to give a major spoiler away in the trailer is a mystery. John Cena, who always plays a good guy (at least in the WWE) will make a great villain up against Vin/Dom. Not going to see it in a theater but will definitely see it as a rental/loaner.

  4. While these movies aren’t for me personally I’ve always admired their take on gravity and physics. 😂 It’s nice to see something so unapologetically ridiculous. I always enjoy reading people’s takes on these.

    • They are beyond bonkers without question. They usually always end up in the same score range for me, but I can’t help but have fun with their much action, few brains approach.

  5. I am excited for this one. This franchise has definitely gotten better and better as it gotten more and more ridiculous. And crazy to think that if not for Vin Diesel’s cameo in 3 we might not have gotten the good ones!

      • There’s a certain level of absurdity that I’m willing to accept in movies, but there’s only so much that I’m willing to take before I check out. These are getting to be a little much for me, and this is coming from somebody who enjoyed the Transformers movies.

      • I can completely understand. While I do get a kick out of them, I can fully see why someone else might now. They’re unabashedly absurd.

  6. Ok you know I’m a sucker for these movies! I’m pretty excited, especially about that ridiculous stunt on where a car appears to be bungey-ing from a mountain top? CAN’T WAIT. I’m fine with Han returning because I honestly missed the character (and let’s be real they love resurrecting the dead in this series), but the casting of John Cena as a Toretto sticks out as weird to me. I thought we already had one wrestler-turned-actor in the Fast world? I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt and wait for the movie to pass full judgement, but my initial thought was we’ve already met our quota guys. LOL

  7. I don’t usually comment on reviews of movies I haven’t seen and think about watching so this is literally the only post I can comment on – (well done on all those reviews though, I shall be back to them, Honey Boy is on high on my list for instance!)

    Anyway FF9…. well… don’t necessarily like the movies.. but I’m gonna watch it anyway. 😀 Just to see how they explain Han not being a zombie. 😀

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