My Guest Appearance on Tavern Talk – Oscar Special

I’ve had the privilege of guest appearing several times on a terrific local movie show called Tavern Talk by Initial Reaction. A few days ago I was invited by the show’s host Phillip to appear on a special Oscar episode where we talked about this year’s nominees and tossed in a few predictions along the way. We had a great time.

Please check out the show below. I would love to hear your thoughts on our discussion, what we got right, and what we didn’t.

23 thoughts on “My Guest Appearance on Tavern Talk – Oscar Special

  1. I saw the video. Yeah, I can understand why you think J-Lo didn’t get nominated because she’s more of a movie star than an actress but I think having her nominated would’ve made the Oscar race far more interesting. Plus, the performances that got overlooked this year is shocking as it does play more into the lack of diversity in some of the acting categories.

    • I get the lack of diversity argument. But I feel it’s so often misplaced. Lots of people get frustrated during Oscar season and blame the Academy. Meanwhile the real culprits, the studios, gets off scot-free. For me there is only on egregious omission from the acting categories. Otherwise I’m good with their choices overall.

  2. Keith I enjoyed this segment of Tavern Talk and made comment at youtube. I’m in agreement with all you and the other guy (sorry forgot his name) said except for one thing: Laura Dern is a terrible actress, always has been always will be. That said I haven’t seen enough movies from 2019 to say who I thought needed the nomination.

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