10 thoughts on “First Glance (kinda): “Venom…2”?

  1. I did see some of Venom on TV as I thought it was pretty good. I’m more interested in She-Venom as she was hot. “Hello Eddie…” I just hope that Michelle Williams gets a chance to be She-Venom again so that she and Tom Hardy both be Venoms and kick ass. I also hope that if there’s a connection to the MCU!!!! They bump into Ant-Man and the Wasp since they all live in San Francisco.

    • We plan on watching Venom again this weekend. I’m really anxious to see how I feel after a second viewing. I remember liking it but being a little disappointed at the origin story. Sadly Sony was handcuffed but now that they are getting along with Marvel I’m hoping this film will show that. I do love the idea of this film and Hardy was terrific.

  2. I just watched Venom for the first time the other night. Yuck! It was horrible. I LOVE Tom Hardy, but I can’t imagine watching the second installment. I want a new season of ‘Taboo’!

    • I liked it but didn’t love it. I thought Hardy was great and the character stuff worked for me. What I didn’t like was the uninspired origin of the alien symbiote. Sadly they weren’t getting along well with Marvel Studios so that had to come up with an alternate origin. Now that it is out of the way I’m hoping they can focus on better storytelling. Plus Carnage is a terrific villain. Fingers crossed.

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