First Glance: “Honest Thief”


Liam Neeson has been busy. After already flexing his dramatic muscles in two earlier 2020 dramas (“Ordinary Love” and “Made in Italy”), Neeson gets back in crowdpleasing mode with his upcoming banger “Honest Thief”. And judging by the new trailer, the film has all the markings of a Neeson action-thriller right down to the signature gravelly-voiced one-liner “I’m comin’ for you.” Sound familiar?

Neeson plays a highly-skilled bank robber who the authorities have never managed to snag. But he turns over a new leaf once he meets and falls for Annie (Kate Walsh). Hungry for clean living, he prepares to surrender the money to police in exchange for a immunity. Two crooked cops and a shot federal agent later, Neeson finds himself framed for murder with two money-hungry detectives on his tail. I’m in.

“Honest Thief” opens October 9th. Check out the trailer below and let me know if you’ll be seeing it or taking a pass.

12 thoughts on “First Glance: “Honest Thief”

  1. OH HELL YEAH!!!! This looks like fun. Anything that had Liam Neeson just talking slowly and with a calmed menace is a win for me. If someone made a film of him talking like that as he’s reading a phone book and sitting on a toilet. You damn right I would see it. We all know he could do more but he’s sticking with what works. AC/DC made 20-something albums that sound the same but no one complained.

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